4 Ways to get out of a first date


Sometimes you just don’t click… so what’s the best way to say ‘thanks but no thanks’ without hurting their feelings? Let’s not beat around a hastily drunk glass of riesling – first dates are tough. They’re essentially like really fancy and expensive job interviews that you wear extra perfume for. But when it’s also the first time you’re meeting someone in real life, there’s an added element of anticipation. The fact is, sometimes you’ll click and sometimes you just won’t. So how do you get out of a date, mid date, and not look like a horrible person?

Here are my top four ways to excommunicate yourself without coming off callous:

The crash and burn

If the reason you’re already thinking about having a back-up plan is that something about them makes you hesitant, the only way you’ll really feel at ease is with the crash and burn method. This means getting a friend to ‘accidentally’ crash your date. It might sound extreme but having a friend randomly turn up at the same bar or café – where they can go into full third wheel mode if needed – means you’ll feel safe and have an easy out.

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The sincerity method

The ‘I have to get up early’ excuse never fooled anyone. Unless you actually host a breakfast television show, it’s just not going to fly. You might think it softens the blow but all they’re hearing is, “I would actually rather be anywhere than here.” No one – I repeat, no one – has to get up so early that they would skip out on the opportunity to get to know their soul mate. Instead, respect their smarts and their feelings and just say, “Well, it’s been really nice meeting you but I have to go.” They know what it means, you know what it means – but that nugget of honesty thanks them for their time without insulting their intelligence.

The double booking

This is my pick of the bunch. Inform them before you even meet that you won’t be able to stay long as your best friend needs help moving a couch/doing their tax return/drinking a bottle of wine. This can be anything and to be honest, the more detailed, the better. Make sure they know you’re only likely to stay an hour or so before you have to jet. If you’re feeling the urge to flee, you can just use your aforementioned excuse and bow out gracefully. If all’s going well, you can blow off your ‘friend’ with a single fake text message.

The ‘Just gotta go’!

Sometimes you just have to see the funny side of life and turn to a comedian for help. Lucky for you, former late night show host Chelsea Handler has made that easy. Her new app helps generate excuses and then sets them as alarms. Just choose an emoji, craft a story and then voila – instant get out of jail free text message or phone call is delivered to your phone at a choice moment. Just search Gotta Go! in the app store of your choice.

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