5 courses that make for great dates


If you’re searching for a date with a difference, you can’t go past the thrill of learning a new skill together! You’ve probably heard all the conventional suggestions, like swing dancing or cake baking classes, but if you do a little digging, Perth has some great and worthwhile courses.

Here are 5 courses to consider for your next date:

1. Cocktail Degustation

If you’re a foodie and your partner enjoys a good cocktail, then you’re the perfect pairing for this Cocktail Degustation event! Run by Cocktail Degustation, these monthly events always have a cool and unique theme – past themes have included ‘80s movie classics, fairy tales and Halloween. Although it’s not a traditional course, as your hosts take you through five impeccably matched cocktail and food combinations, you’ll learn the ins and outs of each meal and cocktail and leave with a little bit of fancy knowledge to impress at your next dinner party!

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2. Speak in another language

Sign language, to be specific! Not only will you be learning an invaluable social skill that may help someone you know, but sign language really is an art form. It’s truly beautiful to learn to communicate in a new way and the shared experience with a partner will no doubt bring you closer together. Challenger TAFE offers a short 7-week course, so you’ve got an easy weekly date locked in together that will give you plenty to discuss when the lessons finish.

3. A photography course with a difference

If you’re hesitant to even pick up a camera, then this course is for you – it’s entirely based around smartphone photography. And let’s be fair, who among us doesn’t want to step up our Instagram game! You’ll learn how to take great portraits and landscape shots, plus how to get the most out of your selfies. Say goodbye to grainy, awkward arm-in-the-photo shots and hello to adorable couple selfies!

4. Find your calm

In a world where we’re constantly looking for more ‘stuff’ to do, it’s surprisingly refreshing to do nothing together. If you’re feeling a little stressed out or just want to increase your overall wellbeing, meditation is a great way to get started. The Joondalup Library runs a $50 essentials course that caters for both new and experienced meditators. It’ll improve your life for the better and, in the long run, you’ll avoid potential arguments and other relationship traps. What’s not to love!

5. Learn to save a life

How many of us talk about doing a first aid course, but never get around to doing it? Not only is it a valuable life skill, it’s also the perfect activity to do with a date (farewell, being paired with a random stranger for CPR training!). St John Ambulance has a huge variety of courses at flexible times and locations.

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