5 tips to make the most of the party season


The first and most important thing to remember when you are invited to social functions over the festive season is that they are a good opportunity for you to practice skills that will help you be more successful when you are dating. Even though it can feel awkward and uncomfortable to attend a function on your own, by doing so you will grow in confidence and you will be able to leave when you have had enough. Go armed with some of these tips and you are sure to relax and may have a lot more fun than you anticipated.

1.      Communicate

You don’t have to be a great talker to engage in great communication. Listening is just as vital – if everyone was talking and no-one was listening there would just be a lot of loud noise at any social gathering (this is often the case). If you worry that you haven’t got any funny stories to share or that you aren’t great at witty banter, go along to the party and be the one who laughs at the jokes; ask questions and show an interest in other people’s stories. Being a great listener in a situation that is usually dominated by great talkers will make you stand out.  Interesting people are interested in others.

2.       Look your best

Sometimes people go over the top when they are deciding what to wear for a Christmas party  because they lack confidence in their own attractiveness. While there is nothing more attractive than warmth and enthusiasm for life, getting a new haircut or outfit can help you feel good about yourself. Enhance your assets and then let your inner beauty shine through. A smile is one of the most attractive things you can wear.

3.      Watch what you drink

People drink more alcohol over the Christmas period than at any other time of the year and while it may be tempting to drink to steady your nerves when you attend social functions you need to weigh up the advantages against the possible consequences – a sore head; a feeling of embarrassment if you behaved out of character; lapse of memory; loss of dignity and a substantially lighter purse or wallet.

In order to avoid these consequences remember these four important tips 1. Eat something before you go and regularly during the course of the evening. 2. Have a soft drink or glass of water between alcoholic drinks – the worst part of a hangover is the dehydration so water is your friend 3. Don’t be pressured into drinking more than you are comfortable with, stop when you have had enough 4. Avoid mixing your drinks

4.      Flirt a little

One of the benefits of being single at Christmas is that you can chat and flirt with anyone you meet without having to worry that a partner might be getting jealous. Imagine what it would be like to approach each person at the party as if they were a potential date! You would probably be your most gracious and engaging self and want to impress them with your sparkle and good humour.

Make the most of social situations where there are lots of people you haven’t met before and use it as an opportunity to find out what makes someone seem attractive to you; how you behave differently towards them if you imagine them as a potential partner and what makes you decide when a conversation has run its course? This is all great information and who knows, by getting involved you may meet  someone special.

5.      Know how you are going to get home

Just like when you go on a date, when attending a party make sure you know how you are going to get home – this will go a long way towards helping you relax and enjoy yourself. Book a taxi in advance or make sure you know where the nearest taxi rank is.

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