6 habits stopping you from finding love


  1. Spending time with your friends

Of course we’re not saying ignore your friends’ phone calls and block out your social diary for the next six months, but when you want to find love, you have to prioritise it. If you feel like you’re letting your friends down by missing dinners out, explain to them that it’s important to you that you find love. True friends will understand and cut you some slack if you have to forgo Friday night cocktails.

  1. A negative attitude

Remember: like attracts like! Finding love can be really hard on your emotions, but the more positive you can stay about the whole process, the more likely you are to attract a really great partner – that positive energy is infectious.

  1. Not caring about how you look

You don’t need to book a spray tan, but you’ve got to admit that when you feel like you’ve put more effort into how you look it’s a major confidence boost – and that’s what’s attractive. It doesn’t have to be time consuming either – something simple that makes you feel good is what works best. Try wearing your favourite outfit more or mastering how to use that GHD.

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  1. Working late

If you’re having to continually put long hours into work, the last thing you’ll feel like doing is going out for a dinner date. Can you cut back one or two nights a week to allow room? If not, get creative with dates. What about a Thursday morning breakfast date before work?

  1. Stressing about it

That whole saying, ‘you’ll find it when you least expect it’ might be the most annoying thing to hear, because it’s not like you expect to find love while in your pj’s stacking the dishwasher right? But to a certain point it’s true – when you focus on having fun and all the fantastic things that you do have, rather than stressing about what you don’t have, things fall into place.

  1. An ex

Unless you have children together, ask yourself why they are in your life? If they’re on the periphery, it’s usually fine, but if you are constantly checking in on them to make sure they’re ok, is it because you haven’t moved on yet? What purpose are they serving in your life? When it comes to exes, sometimes they’re best treated like a fantastic learning experience that’s best left in the past so you can leave your future wide open for something better.

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