7 First Date Myths Busted


By Harriet Farkash

Myth #1: A guy should pay for the first date

He said: “Making the girl or guy pay on the first date is not really of a concern to me – I wouldn’t mind either way.”

She said: “It’s super nice if he does, but not super important. Although if he does, it usually means he’s keen!”

Myth #2: Never talk politics on a first date

He said: “Agreed! Politics is usually a sure way to end up in a heated discussion.”

She said: “Never! Who wants to talk about that on a date anyway?!”

Myth #3: Don’t have sex on the first date

He said: “Always depends on the scenario or the connection you have when you first meet.”

She said: “No way. No pride or respect for yourself or them.”

Myth #4: You should feel the spark instantly

He said: “Not necessarily. Someone may be in a bad mood or had a bad day and is not 100% focused. I never expect a spark to happen straight away, but usually for me if I have not felt a spark by the end of the second date, and I haven’t let them know already, I would tell them.”

She said: “Something of that sort – you have to click. I have to be attracted to someone to communicate on the next level.”

Myth #5: A short coffee date is best

He said: “I’m not really a big coffee or caffeine drinker, but a quick drink can sometimes be the best date. My favourite is taking the dogs for a walk on the beach or at a park, where you have moving scenery and no one listening over your shoulder. So you can be honest and not have to watch what you say.”

She said: “Nope, because everyone stares at you when you’re in a coffee shop! I like a pub because it’s more relaxed.”

Myth #6: The guy has to be the one to text/call first after the date

He said: “Never! If you feel like saying hello or sending a message I’m always ready to talk. No point in beating around the bush, life is too short to be waiting!”

She said: “No way! I do whatever my gut tells me to do.”

Myth #7: It matters what they wear

He said: “Smart or smart casual is what’s best for a first date. My philosophy is “dress to impress”; you never know what might happen on a date!”

She said: “You can tell what someone’s like or if they’re serious about meeting you by the effort they put into what they wear. Something dressy but casual is best. A suit is a bit of an off putting!”

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