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Online dating can be both exhilarating and exhausting. Becoming stuck on the dating merry-go-round is never fun. As an avid online dater I’ve noticed how easy it is to become sucked into the digital dating space. Several times I’ve found myself in the same routine, clicking mindlessly through matches, disheartened and fed up with the experience.

This year, I’m determined to bring a greater level of awareness and consciousness to my online dating experience. Being more mindful in all that I do is an ongoing commitment for me. Whether it’s spending time with family and friends, at work or alone. So why should online dating be any different?

1. Practice good karma – Reply to everyone

Online dating can move quickly. The person you were speaking to one day, may have moved on the next. The fast-paced nature of online dating can mean it’s often easier to simply ignore communication. However setting aside five minutes every day to respond to your matches will significantly improve your experience. No one likes to be left hanging in the lurch. Whether you are interested or not, let the person know. All those unanswered people sitting in your inbox is a visual reminder of potential bad karma.

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2. Open your mind – Expand your search 

Having a set idea of what you think your ultimate match looks like can be both a blessing and a hindrance. The beauty of online dating is that most sites offer filters to specify what daters are looking for. It may be time to let go of preconceived notions of what you think you want. Open up your search filters. It may be age, height, area, education, whatever it is, give it a go. You never know who you may come across.

3. Surrender – You can’t always control the outcome

The urge to a control situation, especially with online dating is tempting. It’s not easy putting yourself out there and many of us don’t want to experience rejection or embarrassment. However practicing the art of surrender can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences of all. Maybe you have contacted someone or are waiting to confirm a date? Once you have set your intention, let it go. What will happen will happen and no amount of wishing or worrying will affect the outcome.

4. Be true to yourself – Update your profile 

There is no greater feeling than being in true alignment with yourself. Being authentic is a gift. When you are true to yourself it will always radiate through to others. Review your profile and assess how you have described yourself and what pictures you are using. Does your profile reflect who you truly are? Attract the right people by presenting yourself as authentically as you can.

5. Be kind to yourself – Rejection is OK

Rejection is part of the online dating experience. It can be difficult and sometimes upsetting but we need it in order to find those who are right for us. Be kind to yourself. Rejection isn’t a reflection on you or your worth, it’s simply a process. Practice self-love and kindness even in the face of rejection.

6. Let go of what doesn’t serve you – Don’t dwell on the past

When online communication goes sour, we have a bad date or expectations are not met, we often ask why. While it’s good to be aware of a situation and reflect on what happened, once you have, let it go. Dating is about meeting people and it can be difficult to do that when you’re fixated on something that happened in the past. Journal, mediate, go for walk, swim, talk to friends, do what you have to do process the emotions then let it go.

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7. Take time out – Takes breaks whenever you need

Taking regular breaks from online dating can be a true blessing. If you feel like you need a break, take it. Do things that help you to recharge. Bringing a positive and open mind to online dating is one of the greatest approaches you can take. If you feel down or disheartened you don’t have to ‘push through’, listen to your inner voice and click off for a while.

By Miss Wooable

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