7 reasons why winter is the perfect season for dating


1. It brings out your creativity

It takes a bit more consideration and planning to organise dates in the winter. But being forced to think outside the square can be a positive, as your date will be impressed with your efforts and creativity. There are actually many possibilities for fun winter dates, check out our recommendations here.

2. It’s cheaper

With the outdoors less warm and welcoming in the evening, winter is the perfect time to have dates in the comfort of your own home. Invite your date around and show off your cooking skills, hire a movie, or enjoy a wine or two. If it’s still too early on in the relationship, there are many other cheap and cheerful options such as bushwalking, picnics, or a museum or art gallery day.

3. Perfect cuddle weather

The cold weather is a great excuse to cuddle up and keep each other warm. If it feels right, hold hands or place your arms around each other while walking, or get cosy on the lounge with a hot chocolate!

4. Ice skating is the ultimate date

You can really get to know someone when you’re both on ice-skates. Any nerves, pretensions or awkward silences will melt away as you glide around the rink and focus on keeping your balance. It’s affordable, gets you both moving, and is another good excuse to hold hands!

5. Winter clothing flatters everyone

It’s hard not to look cuddly when dressed in a sweater and scarf! So get out your favourite cosy winter clothes, and be confident that you’ll look great while staying warm.

6. Bond over activities

Research shows that physical activities make people feel more bonded together. With the cooler weather being optimal for outdoor activities like hiking or walking, it’s a great time to take part in physical activities and build the connection and trust with your date.

7. It’s the season of calm

While you may fantasise about how your summer will involve romantic walks on the beach and pina coladas for two, the reality is that Christmas and New Year’s festivities take up a lot of the season. Most people are deep into the silly season to even think about dating, let alone be relaxed enough during a date. Winter slows things down, so make the most of the serenity by taking the time to get to know a potential special someone!

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