7 ways to make your home more inviting for love


Did you know that having a tackily decorated or messy home is a deal breaker for most singles? Emma Blomfield, Interior Stylist at TheHome.com.au shares her top tips on making sure your home is inviting and sending the right impression to your date.

According to a recent eHarmony survey, 60.3 percent of Australians would break up with someone they’ve just started dating if they were left unimpressed with their home.

“In other words, you could be single and dateless because your home isn’t up to scratch,” Emma explains.

“But fear not, you can make your room or home more inviting for love with a few simple and affordable tweaks – most of which can be done in just one day,” she says.

Here, Emma shares her top tips on how to make your home ready for love!

Tidy up

A messy, dirty home will make your love interest not only question your hygiene, but also whether they weren’t worth the effort to tidy up for! So make sure your home looks clean, and pay extra attention to the bathroom and kitchen. Too lazy? Why not get an affordable cleaning service from Airtasker, and let someone else do the dirty work for you!

Make a clean sheet(s)

An unmade bed is unromantic so chances are you’ll be lying on it all by yourself! Make your bed with fresh, clean sheets. Bamboo sheets in 400TC are great for lovers – they have a luxurious feel and are made of breathable material so they will cool you down when it’s getting hot.

Organise and store

Throw away or store items that you don’t want your date to judge you for – think empty booze bottles, risqué magazines or photos of exes. For items you want to have on display, collect them on a tray on your coffee table for a neat look.

Budding romance

The association between flowers and romance has always been strong, and research has even proved that the presence of flowers makes us start thinking, speaking and behaving in a more romantic way. So get some fresh flowers and put them in a beautiful vase so they can’t be missed!

The scent of love

Scents are strongly linked to romance, and can be used to provoke sensual feelings. Vanilla, sandalwood and rose have long been used as aphrodisiacs, and scents such as jasmine, patchouli and ylang ylang are also associated with romance. Get a scented candle or a diffuser, and spread the scent of love in the air.

Increase the cuddle factor

Throws and cushions breathe instant new life into a couch, and add some cuddle factor to your space. Go for feather insert cushions for extra snuggliness.

Shades of romance

Show your true colours by adding shades of romance to walls and furnishing! According to Shaynna Blaze, Taubmans Brand Ambassador and Colour Creative Director, dark colours such as indigos, deep purples and blues are the perfect tones for creating a sophisticated yet intimate interior scheme. These colours create an intimate, moody setting and will enhance soft evening light.

Is a tackily decorated or messy home a deal breaker for you? What else do you notice when being invited into a date’s home/room? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation @eHarmony_AU or on Facebook.com/eHarmonyaustralia.

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