9 Myths About Dating Men


1 – Guys can’t talk about their feelings

No longer are men frowned upon or made fun of for expressing their emotions. The modern man is happy to express himself and many enjoy the chance to do so. Just don’t delve too deep on a first date.

2 – Men are not romantics

This couldn’t be further from the truth. A long-term study lead by Dr.Terri Orbuch showed that men are typically more romantic than women. She also found that men find frequent displays of physical affection and endearments ‘very reassuring’.

3 – Men want their dates to show as much skin as possible

According to a study in the journal ‘Behaviour’ the ideal amount of flesh to reveal is 40%. But generally speaking, men find a little skin seductive – they just don’t want to see it all at once.

4 – Confident and successful women intimidate males

Unless a man is a traditionalist or has power issues, most guys find independent, intelligent women attractive.

5 – Women should always eat a salad at dinner to show that they look after their body

This is actually a big turn-off. While men appreciate a lady that takes care of her body, they will probably perceive this in the wrong way. It will also make him feel uncomfortable for ordering his man-steak, so go ahead and order something worthy of conversation and enjoy the eating experience together.

6 – Date conversation should always be lead by the male 

Traditionally, it was expected that men should be the ones discussing their theories and experiences at the dinner table, without interruption from women. This is obviously not the case in the modern world, where men actually prefer women who live interesting lives and enjoy talking about them.

7 – Men don’t need compliments

While men may not react to compliments in the same way women do, they will no doubt always enjoy a little ego boost. A little compliment can go a long way, just don’t go overboard and shower him with them – be genuine.

8 – All men are commitment-phobes

Most men actually want a stable relationship; they’re just probably not up for discussing marriage and children on a first date!

9 – All men want sex on a first date 

They don’t, with the majority actually more interested in general compatibility than whether the night ends in the sack. eHarmony’s Relationship Study shows that while sexual chemistry is still important to men, 63% admit that sharing everything with their partner is a key factor when entering into a new relationship.

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