9 Myths About Dating Women


1 – Women always expect the guy to make the first move

While some women do enjoy being ‘courted’ in the traditional dating sense, the modern day single girl will proactively go after what she wants. Even if she doesn’t approach you at first, if you catch her looking or smiling at you multiple times, it’s safe to say she’s interested.

2 – Women get all emotional about relationships, while men are the calm and logical ones

Unlike what’s depicted in the movies, a Wake Forest University study showed that men are actually more emotionally affected by relationship drama than women. Men are just more likely to hide it and put on a brave face to the outside world.

3 – Always agree with a woman or she won’t like you anymore

This is not true at all. Women are attracted to men who are confident in their own beliefs and opinions, and who aren’t afraid to show off their unique personality. If you start only liking what she likes and disliking what she does, she will get irritated (and bored) very quickly!

4 – Women want to do all the talking during a date

There’s no denying the abundance of research pointing to the fact that women use 20,000 words a day, compared to a man’s 7,000. While this may be interpreted that women want to get into hour long riveting conversations with you – the truth is all they want is for you to listen to them. It’s much more important to a woman that you actually engage in a meaningful conversation with her, instead of simply giving back uninterested remarks.

5 – Women only want to talk about feelings

Although the modern male isn’t afraid to show off his sensitive side, what women really want is a man who’ll talk about his thoughts and opinions – not one who writes bad poetry or cries all the time.

6 – Every woman wants a macho man 

While some girls do like the ‘macho’ look, you’d be surprised by how unattractive the oversized muscled up man is to most women. Yes, a fit and toned body is certainly attractive, but not overly so! Women actually want to be able to wrap their arms around you when going in for a hug.

7 – Women love being showered with compliments

There’s no denying that compliments are flattering, but showering a woman with too many too will just come off fake and insincere. The key to compliments is to give a powerful one that you really believe to be true. For example, only compliment a woman on her dress if you genuinely like it, or flatter her on her smile if you truly believe it’s one of her strong features.

8 – Women want to rush into a committed relationship 

While women do eventually want to form a stable, long-lasting relationship, most will want to enjoy a steady-paced dating phase before rushing into anything serious. Not all women want to talk about marriage and kids on a first date!

9 – Women expect you to pay for every date

Although it’s a nice gesture to offer to pay for the first date, there’s no reason to feel obligated to pay for every single date. Women nowadays are just as comfortable splitting the bill – and some might even treat you!

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