9 Reasons Why He Hasn’t Texted You Back


By Harriet Farkash

In my very non-scientific study involving the girls in our office, it was revealed that everyone, yes, everyone has been on a great first date and then wondered, ‘why hasn’t he texted?’

The number one reason is that he obviously got a manicure and doesn’t want to smudge it, but here are nine other reasons why your date is giving you the silent treatment.

You ordered a side salad. And nothing else.

Really? In case you didn’t already know, men rate a girl with a healthy appetite; so lay off the kale just this once.

Or you ordered the most expensive thing on the menu

You order lobster, he hears: “I’m high maintenance and I will be expecting a pony for our six month anniversary. No? Fine. An Hermes bangle will do.”

He’s playing hard to get

“Ah the glorious internet – full of information validating every point of view including the ’play it cool’ theory,” says Anabel Newton, Mediator and Creator of the Happy Couple’s Blueprint. “He’s thinking it’s not good to seem eager and she will be way MORE interested if I show her LESS interest, so no texts for you.”

You killed him with compliments

A little flirtin’ never hurt nobody but if you told him how much you loved his earlobes, he was most likely freaked out.

You revealed too much

If you woke up the next morning with a serious case of Oversharer’s Regret, we’ve solved the problem…

He is avoiding the title of ‘stalker’

“He’s thinking: I should give her space to text me first – just in case I come off too strong, threatening and meat-manish,” says Anabel. “He’s giving you space so that you feel safer to connect with him.”

You didn’t ask the right questions

Is your favourite topic of discussion yourself? That might not have gone down too well. What about him? What about his interests and hobbies?

He was bored

See above.

He’s just not that into you

“Yes – what’s simple is sometimes true and he’s just not keen,” says Anabel. “Plus he’s a rubbish communicator who prefers to let things die off awkwardly rather than being kindly honest. If that turns out to be the case… next!”

…None of the above

“The only way to really know why a guy has not sent a text message post date is to ask,” says Anabel. “Be brave, pick up the phone and text or, even better, call him. You’ve got nothing to lose but time… wasted speculating what his silence might mean.”

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