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In our Dating Diaries, real people talk about real dates … what went right, what went wrong, what they learnt from the experience. And the biggest question of all: was there a second date?

Twenty-seven-year old Sam Wade works as an account manager/tour guide for a company that organises adventure travel experiences for school students.

Who did you go on a date with? Morgan, 29, a neuroscientist (really).

How did you meet? Online, as per any millennial encounter.

What was it about their profile that you liked? The lack of ego in her biography and opening chat: it was like, I really don’t care what your resumé looks like if we can’t hold a solid conversation about nothing in particular.

Where did you go? Met for coffee then went straight to a Kate Bush flash mob. Four hundred diehard 1980s pop fans twirling in matching red dresses in a park is weird enough to keep the conversation flowing at all times. In fact, any first date that involves an activity that neither of you have done is a great way to cut through the small talk and get straight into sussing the person out ASAP.

Who made the plans? I did, mainly with the premise that I could enact a few exit strategies if the date started to flop. But none of those were needed.

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What were your first impressions? Why did someone so smart agree to go on a date with me? I didn’t know smart people were also this funny. And, are you really that good looking on top of all of the other things?

What did you wear? Nice button-up shirt, black jeans, nice shoes. This is pretty much my daily uniform anyway, but a bit more effort (like ironing) went in to making this look schmick but still casual/me.

Did you feel comfortable with each other? Yeah, it was a really easy connection, but I think that was because we went on such a ridiculous activity for a first date.

What did you talk about? Everything really, from philosophy to music to who had the worst school motto. I always have a few solid, “Would you rather…” questions up my sleeve though, in case of emergency.

Did anything really stand out about this date? As much talking as we did, there were also moments of silence which were really comfortable. That’s not a standard thing by any means, but just as important to me to help work out if this thing has legs.

Any embarrassing moments? Ah, there were a lot of dogs in the park that day and I may have put my hand where a dog had definitely just been. Nothing that some straight-up honesty and a quick trip to the bubblers didn’t fix!

How did you leave things? We were both stoked and surprised that we got on so well.

What was the outcome? I’ll tell you more after our next date.

What did you take away from the experience? Don’t be afraid to go on dates with people who sound like they’re the exact opposite to you ­– you’ll probably find them the most interesting!

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