Advantages to being over 40 and dating



Dating later in life can pose some problems but there are many advantages too – for many people they are more confident and comfortable in their own skin than they were earlier in life and that’s only the start of it. Here we look at some other advantages.

Clear priorities

When people get older their priorities change. They are more likely to be looking for a life partner than someone to start a family with. Although some women do conceive when they’re over 40 and men can father children indefinitely, if people haven’t started a family by then, they’ll either be very clear that they want to do it soon or they’ll be planning a different kind of future for themselves.

Many people who are dating later in life will already have children from previous relationships and the priority for the new couples will be to bring their families together in a way in which everyone’s needs are met.

Body image

Youth and early adulthood is often dominated by self-consciousness and insecurity about our sexuality and bodies. By the time someone is in their 40s, although their bodies may be less forgiving and not as svelte as they used to be, they’ve usually learned to accept themselves more. Self care is often improved later in life as people realise they need to be more consciously aware of their health and fitness.

Lack of energy and confidence can seriously affect your motivation to find a new partner and move your life forward.  Eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. Within a short time you’ll feel energised and more confident about yourself. It takes 21 days to establish a new habit and the results will be worth it.


Women are meant to reach their sexual peak in their 40s probably because they’re no longer inhibited by the fear of an unwanted pregnancy. Whether male or female, sexuality is often much more clearly defined by the time you’re in your 40s. You know what you do, and are more likely to see sex as an expression of your feelings rather than as a primal urge to procreate. As such it often becomes more sensual and the connection developed can be very deep and lasting. You may not be as energetic, or athletic, as you were in your 20s but if your partner is a similar age the chances are they won’t be either.  The more you can accept your own limitations or imperfections the more you will be able to accept someone else.


As we grow older our expectations of relationships usually become less rigid and more focussed on personal qualities and values rather than status or looks. This is because life teaches us that inner substance is more valuable than outer flashiness.

Later in life people are often more likely to be ready to settle down and make a commitment, because they know what they want. Financial and job prospects can play an important part in these life decisions and these often stabilise as we grow older.

People over 40 have had many life experiences and will have developed strategies for dealing with problems and challenging emotions – whether these are compatible with yours is part of the joy of getting to know each other.

The things that don’t change

Just because someone has been alive for a certain amount of time doesn’t mean they’ve lost any of their vital spark or zest for life – some things are eternal. One of the things that never changes is the desire to give and receive love. It’s been proven that being in love can help people to live longer and overcome illnesses including high blood pressure and heart disease – a good reason to get out there and date no matter how old you are.

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