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I’ve known this to be true for a long time … the guys in the band always get more girls than those of us who are musically challenged. This eternal truth was first revealed to me at my 18th birthday party. Being 18, I had a crush on just about every girl there. I was doing ok too, until my 16-year-old brother decided to show off his prowess on the drums. He stripped off his shirt and started pounding his massive drum kit with ferocious zeal, and much hair-tossing. Never mind that it sounded like an artillery barrage, all the girls were transfixed. I heard one say to her friend, “Isn’t he cool!”, and that ruined the night for me.

There have been studies – and eharmony data also confirms it – that both men and women appear more attractive to the opposite sex if they have a musical bent.

In one experiment outlined in the journal “Psychology of Music”, a good-looking man approached 300 women, got chatting and asked for their numbers. He did this carrying either a guitar case, sports bag, or nothing. Far and away the most successful ploy was to be holding the guitar case. His strike rate in that scenario was about one in three, whereas it was about one in six with nothing in his hand and a dismal one in 11 with the sports bag. Gym junkies take note.

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Clearly, carrying an instrument case is up there with walking in the park with a baby or a puppy as a great way to meet girls -unless you’ve got a tuba. Tubas aren’t very attractive. No, what you want is a cello to be luckier in love than the average tone-deaf Romeo. More on that later. An analysis of eharmony member profiles found that 2.6 percent – more than 50,000 people – mentioned they owned or could play a musical instrument.

The majority of them were men (about 58%). Interestingly, the music makers, both men and women, were on average 2.4 years younger than those eharmony members who didn’t mention some kind of instrument in their profile.

But here’s the thing … men with an instrument case in their wardrobe receive a staggering 16% more messages from potential matches than men who don’t. Women with an instrument also get more reach-outs, but to a smaller degree, 5.4%.

It’s not clear why men suddenly become more attractive if they have an affinity with a musical instrument. Perhaps it makes them appear more sensitive and creative. How else would you explain why Ed Sheeran is so adored by women?

So, now that you have a sudden urge to learn a musical instrument because of its magical powers to attract potential dates, which one should you choose? While guitar is listed as the most common instrument in the eharmony band, the people who really draw a crowd are those with a cello.

The men who list cello as an interest get a whopping 35.4% more messages than those who don’t. For women, the figure is half that, but still high at 17.7%. Spare a thought though for those honest toilers of the brass section, the tuba players. Their chosen instrument appears to be a liability where the pursuit of romance is concerned, with the figures showing a much-reduced messaging rate.

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