Catch Their Eye With Colour


By: The Confetti Group

Have you ever wondered why you are drawn towards particular colours?

Do you choose particular outfits to wear depending on your mood that day?

Have you ever found yourself instantly liking someone you have just met without really knowing why?

Before you get to know someone, the colour of your clothing is one of the first things the brain will notice and analyse. Different colours evoke specific emotional responses and affect both how you feel and how others respond to you. Knowing a bit about the psychology of colour and those that physically flatter you, will allow you to choose colours that show off your personality, make your eyes sparkle, your skin glow, and give you the best chance of achieving your desired result on a first date!

Showing off your personality with colour

Red is an intense colour that stimulates the nervous system. It represents passion, energy and optimism and will attract attention when you wear it. However, avoid wearing too much red as you may be seen as opinionated and aggressive.

Date rating for the ladies: 5/5

Date rating for the guys: 3/5

Blue is known as the friendliest colour and you will appear approachable, calm, sincere, knowledgeable, responsible and socially aware. It can also be interpreted as safe and traditional, so if that’s you, go for it.

Date rating for the ladies: 4/5

Date rating for the guys: 4/5

Yellow will get you noticed and perceived as optimistic, carefree, intuitive and intelligent. On the downside, yellow can be observed as self-absorbed, fickle and unstable. Yellow is also the colour of friendship; a result you probably don’t want from a date!

Date rating for the ladies: 1/5

Date rating for the guys: 1/5

Green has a grounding influence and promotes health and wellbeing. Opt for green if you want to be viewed as strong, lively, stable, calm and reliable, but don’t overdo it or you may be seen as inflexible and stubborn.

Our date rating for the ladies: 4/5

Our date rating for the guys: 4/5

Pink is often associated with love so if you want to appear gentle, sympathetic, compassionate and receptive, then you can’t go past it. Be careful with pink if you don’t want to be read as insignificant, indecisive or delicate.

Our date rating for the ladies: 3/5

Our date rating for the guys: 2/5

Purple will stand out in a crowd so wear it if you want to give the impression of being unique, different and perceptive. Avoid head-to-toe purple or you may be interpreted as childish, uninterested or pre-occupied.

Our date rating for the ladies: 3/5

Our date rating for the guys: 3/5

Orange projects an air of vibrancy so you will appear animated, dynamic, fun and creative. However, wear it cautiously as too much may have you seen as shallow and volatile.

Our date rating for the ladies: 3/5

Our date rating for the guys: 3/5

Brown gives the impression of someone who is practical, friendly, non-judgemental and receptive, but may also be considered conventional, boring and old-fashioned.

Our date rating for the ladies: 1/5

Our date rating for the guys: 3/5

Grey won’t necessarily get you noticed in a crowd but it represents strength of character and will have you seen as confident, secure, reputable and mature, especially if you’re a man. Stay away from too much grey if you want to avoid being seen as unexceptional or detached.

Our date rating for the ladies: 3/5

Our date rating for the guys: 5/5

Black makes a strong impact on others and you will be perceived as dignified, sophisticated and a bit mysterious. Dress up a black outfit with a dash of another colour to avoid looking arrogant, intimidating or authoritative.

Our date rating for the ladies: 4/5

Our date rating for the guys: 4/5

White will give the impression of someone who is pure, immaculate, fresh, truthful and modern. Steer clear of an all-white ensemble or you can appear too clinical, uninteresting and bland. It’s also a recipe for stain disasters on a dinner date!

Our date rating for the ladies: 3/5

Our date rating for the guys: 4/5

Enhancing your eyes with colour

Wearing particular colours can bring out your eyes and really compliment your eye colour. Some clothes and accessories are great for wearing around the face when communicating with people at a close distance, such as on a date, as they make people want to look you in the eye. If you have blue or green eyes, wear blues and greens in tops and scarves. For brown eyes, go for deep reds and browns.

Making your skin glow with colour

Choosing colours from the red and pink spectrums can make your complexion look healthier as they bring out the colour of the blood beneath the surface of your skin. Shades like peach and coral also give the impression of a happy, energetic and warm person; attributes most people are looking for in a partner. However, avoid these colours if you have red blemishes or a touch of pink in your complexion as attention will be drawn to them. The same goes for fake tans as reds will bring out the orange in a tan.

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