Chronicles of an Internet Dater: Part 1


By Eve Wilson

Love makes the world go round, or so they say. It seems to happen to everyone else, yet that elusive connection hasn’t yet come your way? Don’t give up, take a chance, you have to be in it to win it, right?

I too have experienced the dating merry-go-round. I got on and off that merry-go-round 30 plus times, would you believe? These dates brought highs, lows and, at times, just plain confusion. But I pushed on.

My escapades taught me more than a few things along the way and I decided to write about my dating adventures and penned a book called Eve’s 30 Dates – Chronicles of an Internet Dater.

For me this all started after two marriages/divorces and five children under my belt. I know, I was certainly not the world’s most desirable candidate, however I decided to try internet dating. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but wanted to find love. I wanted real, passionate, crazy fulfilling love. If you ask me, Pretty Woman has a lot to answer for. I wanted the fairy tale and I wanted it NOW!

Internet dating sparked my fancy, as in between looking after my ‘five’, holding down a full time job and spending some social time with my (mostly partnered) friends, it seemed like the most time-efficient option. I could meet new people without even leaving my living room. Wow, what a novel idea. TOO EASY!

Except it wasn’t that simple. There’s that whole process of getting set up online. How do I choose a dating site? How do I write a profile? Do I mention I have children? If so, how many? How do I choose the right profile picture?

And then once things start to happen… How do I make contact with ‘prospects’? Who asks whom out? Where do you go on a date? Who pays? How do you escape if your knight in shining armour is more like a court jester? What about the safety aspects of dating?

Then after you’ve been on a date, what happens next? Who calls whom? When do you declare yourself unavailable to other prospects? Is it ok to be juggling potential prospects? Oh God, if only I had someone to answer all these questions, or at least guide me in the right direction. But I didn’t, and I delved into the dating world extremely optimistic, all guns blazing.

So, did I find my fairytale, my knight in shining armour? It just so happens that YES I did (right here on eHarmony), but not before I learned some hard lessons about all of the questions above.

You too may be deciding to take the plunge into internet dating. While I am no expert, I hope you can learn from my experience. Each fortnight, I’ll share useful tips and advice that I gained along the way.

So stay tuned. And remember: don’t get disheartened if things don’t work out straight away. You have nothing to lose, but potentially everything to gain. You can trust me on that one!

About the Author:

Eve Wilson is a Brisbane resident and first-time author. At only 40 years of age she is a veteran of two marriages and has five children. Following her second divorce she embarked on an internet dating adventure, which brought such extreme highs and lows that she decided to record the experience for the future instruction of others who may decide to follow her path.

Eve’s book is titled Eve’s 30 Dates – Chronicles of an Internet Dater, and is an honest, funny, crazy and romantic look at the world of internet dating with some very helpful tips along the way.

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