Chronicles of an Internet Dater Part 3: Date Time


By Eve Wilson

By now you’re now well into the internet dating pond and there’s a bite on your fishing line. The moment of contact has arrived. You may have sent each other a few emails, maybe spoken on the phone, and then it happens: you are asked out on a date. Magnificent! I bet you have feelings of excitement, curiosity and trepidation all at the same time.

Where to go

Now comes the time to decide on where to go. By now you should have an idea about what your common interests are, so choose somewhere that you are both comfortable with. The good old coffee date is a safe bet if you’re unsure of what to do. It’s perfect for a face-to-face chat to see if there’s a connection, without committing too much of your time. This kind of date is also great in case you need to make a quick getaway, however if sparks do fly, you can always extend the date to a movie, lunch or dinner.

Dress the part

Where you are going will also affect what you should wear on a date. We all want to make a good first impression but it’s important to dress for your occasion. Ladies, if you’re up for a day out at Wet’n’Wild but want to stay pretty with immaculate make-up, wrong destination! Although speaking of Wet’n’ Wild, that could be a fun first date, with so many of those rides built for two –wink, wink.

It’s also important to remember that there are going to be nerves from both sides on the first meeting. Go ahead and have one glass of wine if you need to, but only one. A bottle (all to yourself) prior is a huge no no. I learned that one the hard way while on date #13 with Mr 100% (see Eve’s 30 Dates for all the gory details). I was less than classy to say the least, and there was no second date. Quelle surprise!

Safety first

You should also be sure to tell a friend where you are going and always meet in a public place. No matter how trustworthy your date appears to be, the reality is you know nothing about this person other than what they’ve told you online. Cover your bases and stay safe.

Find your fairytale ending

Finally, try not to get disillusioned if things don’t work out with the first person you meet. Remember, you don’t get every job you go for either. You have to be the right fit. If you find that you’re not compatible, simply get back on that horse!

So often we think it easier to quit than to take a risk. If you’ve had a bad date, you’ve lost nothing. This person wasn’t in your life before and you will survive without them now. It’s just opening up that door for the RIGHT person to come along.

Take it from me; I went on over THIRTY DATES before I met The One. However, I had that unshakable belief that he was out there somewhere. I was determined to find him and not settle for anything less than MY fairytale. Some say you need to kiss a lot of toads before you meet your Prince, however, luckily, I was The One’s first eHarmony match. So whether it’s your first date or thirtieth, you never know when Cupid’s arrow is going to find YOU.

About the Author:

Eve Wilson is a Brisbane resident and first-time author. At only 40 years of age she is a veteran of two marriages and has five children. Following her second divorce she embarked on an internet dating adventure, which brought such extreme highs and lows that she decided to record the experience for the future instruction of others who may decide to follow her path.

Eve’s book is titled Eve’s 30 Dates – Chronicles of an Internet Dater, and is an honest, funny, crazy and romantic look at the world of internet dating with some very helpful tips along the way.

You can catch up on part 1 and 2 of Eve’s ‘Chronicles of an Internet Dater’ here:

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