Clichés to avoid when dating in Sydney


Don’t put ‘o’ on the end of everything

Sydney-siders have a penchant for putting an ‘o’ at the end of everything and everyone. Bottle shop becomes Bottlo. Darling Harbour becomes Darlo. Thomas becomes Thomo. Damien becomes Damo. Although the ‘o’ has travelled far and wide across Australia, we could almost guarantee that it comes from Sydney. When you’re on a date and you drop some o-bombs into the ‘convo’, then you’re as Aussie as snags on a barbie. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just a bit clichéd. 

Don’t talk about sport

Depending on who you talk to – football can mean either Soccer, Aussie Rules, Union or League. So it’s therefore as touchy as talking about politics or religion on a date. Here’s a tip guys, unless you met her in the depths of the general admission area in the SCG, then avoid talking about sport. Sport conversation should come with a government health warning, like on a pack of smokes. Warning: Women may pass out from sheer boredom if you attempt to talk about Warnie or Brad Fittler. 

Don’t drive like a bat out of hell

You know that you’re from Sydney when you only use your indicators to take a fellow driver’s parking space. Also, if you permanently tailgate in all kinds of traffic conditions and go out of your way to alienate cyclists. ”It’s the road, stupid – it’s for cars!”, you want to shout.

Not all Sydney-siders are aggressive drivers, it’s just that the meek and mild among us realise that if you can’t beat them, join them. And if you stubbornly refuse to be a Sydney driver, then you can use the unreliable public transport system, or move to the North Coast. So when you’re on a date, don’t show him or her your ‘Too Fast, Too Furious’ combative driving techniques. Instead, take the train.

Don’t brag about your flat’s ‘harbour glimpses’ 

If you can stand on tiptoes on top of the toilet and witness a few glinting rays of the sun on the harbour (or is that the neighbour’s pool?) from the window, then this warrants paying a small fortune for rent. While the rest of the country gloats at its comparatively reasonable real estate market, Sydney-siders hold their heads up high and continue to pay the GDP of Luxembourg for a 1 bedroom flat. After all, it is (we say) the best city in Australia. Suburb snobbery is rife in Sydney. To avoid falling into this cliché on a date, hold your tongue and don’t let the first thing you ask your date be: ”What do you do for a job?” and ”What suburb do you live in?”

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