Daily habits to boost your dating appeal


Try practising these easy additions to your daily life and watch the suitors come pouring in!

So you’re fresh back in the dating game and while there’s no quick fix or a magic pill to increase your dating appeal, forming this new set of constructive daily habits can truly transform your life.

These simple switch ups will not only boost your dating demand but will also make you look and feel more confident and happy.

Get moving

Make time to exercise. A short daily walk or a run will release feel-good endorphins in your body. They will trigger all those positive feelings you longed for and will reduce feelings of stress and pain making you instantly happier. Such energy buzz can last up to 24 hours, so get moving!

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Be grateful

Nothing  improves happiness quite like gratitude. No one wants to be around someone who always sees the worst in a situation, but someone who appreciates their life and the people in it. Now that’s attractive!

Simply start by writing down three things you’re grateful for before bed each day or while you sip your morning coffee. Do this daily, invite more positivity into your life!

Take a breath

We live in an incredibly chaotic world. Not all of us can channel our inner monk but it can be helpful to spend a few moments a day (especially when life or love seem a little overwhelming) practicing deep breathing. Try a simple practice of breathing in for 5 seconds, pausing and breathing out for 6. Deep breathing will calm you down and will reduce anxiety.

Be kind

If you find it a little difficult to be kind to yourself, channel your kindness towards someone else. Whether that person is a colleague, a friend or even a complete stranger, an act of kindness, whether big or small, will not only make someone else’s day but subconsciously top up your own positive mindset. It could be as simple as paying for a stranger’s coffee or giving up your seat on the train. This will definitely get the good vibrations ‘a happening (and yes, we did just quote The Beach Boys).

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Overcome your fear

Break out of your comfort zone by overcoming your fears. Try something new: take a different route to work, talk to a stranger, try out that new bootcamp class you’ve always wanted … New behaviour patterns will quickly build up your confidence, which in return, is a great way to attract an amazing life partner. Don’t wait around, propel yourself towards a more confident future!

Embrace a growth mindset

So much of how we experience the world comes directly from our mindset and the way we see things. Instead of seeing challenges as negative and stressful, learn to view them as opportunities and potential for positive growth – congratulations, you’ve developed a growth mindset. If you view any failure as a step on the way to the solution you will feel much more comfortable when things don’t always go your way.

Never neglect sleep

Sleep is one of the most important processes your body goes through for recovery and rest. Despite many of us wearing it as a badge of honour in our busy modern society, lack of sleep can be hugely detrimental to our focus and clarity, our mood, our ability to regulate our eating and even our reaction time. Start small by aiming to squeeze in an extra half an hour per night (do you really need to watch that episode of Friends for the fifteenth time) and feel the difference!

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Ditch the clutter

We’re not suggesting you begin folding your socks, Marie Kondo style but getting rid of excess in your life can be greatly beneficial. Not only does it simplify your space (and potentially leave room for your future partner) but it can help you let go of things you didn’t know you were emotionally holding on to. While you’re de-cluttering your home, why not try to simplify your life too, unfollow social media accounts that don’t bring you happiness and begin to let go of any emotional baggage dragging you down.

Wake up early

That early bird and worm aside, waking up early (although often challenging) sets you on a pathway to be in control of your day. Instead of playing catch up after you’ve snoozed the alarm seven times, you’ve enjoyed a couple of key hours to focus on the things you enjoy before heading off to face the day. Once you form this habit, it will be a hard one to break thanks to all the extra hours you’ll feel you gain in the day.




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