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Ahead of Valentine’s Day, our new research reveals that Aussie singles are a very picky bunch and could be sabotaging their chances of finding love, by dismissing potential partners based on superficial checklists. The survey of over 1,000 Australians reveals age, height, body type, whether they have good teeth and even how often they mention their mum are all reasons for dismissal…

  • Nearly half (44%) of Aussie men refuse to date someone overweight, and a third (31%) of women are just as guilty when it comes to a man’s height.
  • Almost all Australian men refuse to date older women (92%), and 51 per cent admit they will not date a woman with bad teeth. Even having the wrong hair (16%) or eye colour (17%) as a woman could have you eliminated from the dating pool.
  • Women will pull the plug if a man mentions his mum (48%), his ex (51%) or starts bringing up sex and other intimate topics (65%) either when messaging online or on the first date. Men that do not have full-time jobs are also off the menu for over half (54%) of women, alongside bad breath (57%), a poor sense of humour (54%) and smoking (54%).

It’s official, Aussie singles are a picky bunch,” says eharmony dating expert and psychologist, Jacqui Manning, “By rejecting people who might not generally tick all their boxes, especially in the looks department, singles are potentially passing on someone with whom – given a little time – they’d feel great chemistry and share deep compatibility, a good predictor for long-lasting relationships.”

Meet Compatible Matches

This Valentine’s Day, challenge yourself to date differently, leaving your checklist at home, and instead open your mind to connecting deeply with your potential love interest. Throwing your deal breakers out the window isn’t about settling for less, but being realistic about what you both have to offer a relationship, and ways you can both compromise on the little things to really appreciate each other,” explained Manning. “Trying to figure out if you have similar values and personality traits on a first date is pretty heavy stuff. So that’s where online dating platforms like eharmony can help, you’re matched with people you’re naturally compatible with, so you’re free to focus on the fun part – figuring out which of your matches you have chemistry with!

Is it time to review your check list? Are you too picky or not picky enough…take the quiz to find out:

Meet Compatible Matches


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