Dating for single parents


Children might not make dating easy for the single parent but they don’t have to consign you to solitary confinement. Thousands of single parents have found long-term relationships through eHarmony. But to ease the pressure on all concerned, there are certain rules of behaviour by which it’s best to abide:

Be upfront from the start
Slipping your children into conversation can be tricky with someone new but your date deserves to know what to expect. Will you only be available on certain weekends? Does your babysitter have to go home at a certain time? Be honest from the start and you’ll avoid unfair surprises later.

Take things slowly
Don’t rush to introduce them to your children unless you’re sure you want your relationship to move in a more serious direction. Having a new adult in their lives will never be “casual” to them. You’ll only confuse your children with too many new faces. When the time is right, try to ensure the meeting is relaxed and do what you can to remove the pressure from all concerned. Your children will need as much time as you do to get to know your new partner as you did.

Be realistic

Once you’ve introduced them, don’t expect too much too soon, particularly if your partner doesn’t have children of their own. They will need time to get used to the idea and develop a relationship with your kids. Let this happen naturally.

Be more than just a parent
Being a parent is very important but it doesn’t define who you are. It’s important to have a life beyond your children. So treat yourself to a babysitter and go out every now and then.

Dating for single parents can be logistically, and sometimes emotionally, challenging. But having kids doesn’t have to curtail your chances of finding love.

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