Dating on a budget


As lovely as it is to go to a flash restaurant and wine and dine a date it is beyond the budget of many people so here are some cheaper alternatives that are every bit as romantic.

Wine and dine your date at home

You don’t have to be an expert cook to make this a truly romantic evening. It is the effort, thought and attention you put into it that makes it romantic just as much as the food. Whether you eat inside or out, watching the sun go down or under the stars, go that extra mile to find the right music, best crockery, perfect lighting and romantic ambiance. Make an effort with your appearance too as if you were going to go to a good restaurant – your date is sure to be impressed.

Get your dancing shoes on

Dancing is great fun and usually inexpensive. Many romances have started on the dance floor probably because holding someone in your arms and moving in time with the music is a good way to find out if you fit well. Whether it’s learning the tango or starting to jive, dancing is a great date which is becoming increasingly popular.

Get back to nature

Wherever you live there is bound to be somewhere really beautiful nearby or somewhere that is particularly special to you. Take your date to watch the sun go down from your favourite spot or go on a road trip to the beach. Walking together side by side in beautiful surroundings can encourage some people to open up as they find it easier to talk about things when they are side by side than when they are face to face.

Mystery destination

Some of the best dates are those which are spontaneous and unplanned. Pick your date up and take them off somewhere without any clear plan of your destination – just an agreement that you will spend the day together. You might decide to stay on the bus for 10 stops; catch a train to a place you like the sound of but know nothing about; drive west for an hour; cycle or walk to somewhere neither of you have been before choosing a destination by closing your eyes and sticking a pin in a local map. You will learn a lot about each other from this kind of date and it takes the pressure off trying to plan the perfect outing.

Share music

Your tastes in music say a lot about you as a person and it is often one of the first things people talk about when they meet online. Set aside time to share your music with each other. One way of doing it is to each choose your top 10 pieces of music and take it in turns to play it. Tell you partner why you love it; what memories are associated with it etc – not only will you be sharing music but you will also learn a lot about each other.

Games night

Whether it is a traditional game or a video game; indoors or out – playing games together is a great way to spend a date because it allows you to show your childish side and engage in a bit of fun competition. Talk about the games you used to play as children and see if you can revive some of the fun and spontaneity of that time.

Eating out

There is no need to refrain from eating out occasionally even if you need to keep the purse strings tight. Look out for special offers and discounts at restaurants and make the most of midweek or early evening dining if it means it is cheaper. It might take a bit more planning but it is worth it for the occasional treat.

Remember the most valuable thing we can give to a date is our undivided time and attention so don’t worry about how much money you can spend so much as how much time you give.


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