eharmony Dads share their favourite things about fatherhood


Raising a family is no easy task, but these Dads prove that becoming a parent is a life-changing, rewarding experience. In celebration of Father’s Day and all the awesome Dads out there, we asked 5 eharmony Dads – what’s your favourite thing about fatherhood?

“No matter how bad a day can be, when you hear your kids say, love you daddy. Cuddles in bed on the weekends and their little arms wrapped around your neck. They look like little mini me’s but have their mum’s stubborn personality….”

– Adam & Michelle

“I enjoy doing fun things with the kids, I love seeing them happy. I also like taking them to sporting events, teaching them new things and being able to give them life experiences and memories.”

– Thomas & Ellie

“Nothing really prepares you for fatherhood. Over the past few weeks one of my favourite things that I didn’t expect was how easy it is to lose track of time, one minute you’re watching him fidget trying to get to sleep and then all of a sudden an hour has gone by and you’ve just been watching this little guy sleep. I’m also really enjoying that he’s now starting to be alert for periods of time that don’t involve crying or feeding, watching his arms and legs move around, his eyes track back and forth, all the while I am left to wonder what life must be like as he discovers the wider world.”

– Aaron & Mel

“I love the fact that we have extended our blended family for awesome family camping trips and now we have more kids to do chores!”

– Kenny & Nicole

“For me the best thing about being a father is that almost overwhelming feeling of unconditional love I have for Mel and Maddie and knowing that it’s reciprocated. The perspective it gives you about what is really important in life is priceless.”

– Gareth & Melanie

Are you a Dad? What do you love about fatherhood? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation 

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