Fun winter date ideas


It may be too cold for a picnic in the park or spending the day at the beach, but there’s still plenty to do in the winter.

Here are some creative and fun winter date ideas:

Bowling – Bowling is an old-school classic date with a great, casual vibe. There are plenty of reasons to embrace tenpin: the relaxed environment keeps things low-stress and comfortable; you and your date can enjoy a bit of friendly competition; and, unlike the movies, you can have a conversation. Oh, and it’s a guaranteed good time that’s likely to lead to a second date!

Bushwalking – Just because the mercury drops doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the outdoors. In fact, the cooler weather is great for bushwalking. Australia is home to stunning national parks, and many cities and towns offer trails that are perfect for a romantic afternoon with your date. Best of all, bushwalking doesn’t cost much – making it the ideal date for fitness and outdoor enthusiasts. To enjoy a bushwalking date, follow these simple tips:

– Choose a destination that’s easy to get to and not too far. Longer drives and walks are best left for two people who know each other well

– Wear warm layers that can easily be removed if you get too warm

– Unless you want to be slowed down by painful blisters, don’t wait until the big day to break in your hiking boots

– Know your physical limitations. Remember, it’s a date – you’re not trying to take on Everest, so if you’re not an experienced bushwalker just say so

– Pack a healthy and delicious picnic (think cheeses, grapes, and nuts) to enjoy in celebration of your accomplishment

Cooking class or farmers’ market – If you and your date are foodies, why not make the most of the day by getting up early and visiting a local farmers’ market together? You can get to know each other over a cup of locally roasted coffee and a warm, flakey croissant, while working your way through the stalls of farm fresh products. Or, if you’re not early risers, book yourselves in to a cooking class. From seafood, Italian, Greek, and every type of cuisine in between, cooking together is a great way to get to know each other. Bonus: you’ll enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal together, but without the dishes!

Get some culture – For cultural enthusiasts, an afternoon wandering around an art gallery or museum is the perfect setting for a great winter date. Not only is it affordable, but the walls are literally lined with conversation starters.

To make your date a success, read up on the exhibition beforehand so you can point out interesting facts and ask clever questions. After you’ve had your dose of culture, keep the conversation going by visiting an on-site or nearby café for coffee and cake.

Get active – If the colder months leave you feeling cooped up indoors, get active with your date by visiting a local trapeze school, climbing gym, or trampoline park. Activities like indoor rock climbing make for a great date because they build upon trust – a key factor for any relationship. Plus, you’ll bond over the shared challenge… and you’ll get to see what your date looks like in spandex!

What are your favourite winter date ideas?

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