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For many women, facial hair is a big turn on, maybe they like their men to look rugged, handsome and outdoorsy. But many wouldn’t consider dating a man sporting a moustache in his profile picture. Even if it’s not there in the cover shot, during the month of November, don’t be put off if your date turns up proudly adorned with a stylish ‘mo’. Rather than being a deterrent, having a moustache can be an indicator that this is a man worth getting to know.

He’s raising money for charity

If your date has grown his moustache for charity, this says a lot about his personality. Many people give to charity, and some may even do sporting events or challenges, but few require you to change your facial appearance for a whole month.

Coupled with normal vanity, which men can be as guilty of as women, these admirable men will also have been petitioning their friends, family and colleagues for donations to sponsor their hairy ambition.

He’s conscious

Being conscious of issues outside of yourself is an important element in healthy relationships. If your date is involved in Movember, he will, no doubt be aware that much of the campaign’s focus is on getting men to notice the early symptoms of devastating illnesses like prostate and testicular cancer. Early diagnosis and treatment are vital and a man who is involved in the campaign will no doubt be aware of his own body, and the need to exercise, eat well and be health conscious.

He’s light-hearted

A good sense of humour is usually high on the list of must-haves when women specify what they want from a new partner. Being able to grow a moustache in a month if it’s not his normal apparel shows that this man has a light-hearted and playful side to him. He will probably have had to enjoy some playful banter and teasing from his mates. His willingness to go through that for a bigger cause shows he doesn’t take himself, or life, too seriously.

He is mature

Many young men want to grow a moustache as they believe it is a sign of maturity which women will find attractive. There is some truth to this as it’s the testosterone levels in a man’s body which brings on the growth of bodily and facial hair – the more testosterone the more hair.

For those dates who always have a moustache

For some men a moustache is a permanent part of their style and look, or they may decide to make it so after Movember. If this is the case they are in good company. Some of the greatest minds in history had fantastic facial hair, such as Albert Einstein. While it is not so fashionable these days, there are still fine examples of moustache-growing handsome men, including Pierce Brosnan, Johnny Depp and Bradd Pitt.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Many aspects of how a person looks are unchanging and permanent but a moustache isn’t. It can be shaved off, re-grown, styled, trimmed, waxed and shaped. It will change texture and colour as a man grows older and can make a man look distinguished and distinctive.

If you refuse to date someone with a moustache, ask yourself – if you were in a happy and committed relationship, would you end it if your partner grew a ‘mo’? Don’t let a little hair block you from getting to know the man underneath that sexy, hairy upper lip.

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