“He’s taking me to Las Vegas for our second date!”


By Harriet Farkash


When we were on the hunt for a single woman to be the face/voice behind our Single In The City campaign, Brooke Falvey was an obvious choice. Smart, hilarious, fun and looking for love, Brooke is the kind of woman eHarmony is designed for. Brooke signed up right away, and now we get to follow her eHarmony dating adventures on her blog, Blonde Ambition.

We sat down with Brooke to ask her what makes a man irresistible, the key to a great relationship and about the most epic second date in history…

What made you say yes to being a part of eHarmony’s Single In The City campaign?

In recent years I’ve made it my mission to push myself out of my comfort zone, so when the opportunity to date my way through summer came up with eHarmony, I jumped at the chance. It’s not just about opening myself up to a new experience, but also the chance to entertain my readers with some new dating stories (and let them know that dating is hit and miss for everyone) and, of course, to possibly meet some great people that I wouldn’t normally come across in my day-to-day life.

You’ve obviously got lots of readers who are concerned about your love life! Have any given you good advice?

My wise old Nana told me not to marry until I was in my 40s – so far I seem to be on track for that!

In your first post we see your eHarmony profile. Did you have a game plan for creating that?

No game plan; I just tried to answer each question as honestly as I could and touch on the few core values that are important to me: family and friends, travel and adventure and health and fitness.

And your blog post on men’s profile pictures was hilarious! What’s the key piece of advice you want men to know when it comes to their photos?     

Ask for a female’s opinion. I’ve discovered that girls and guys look at photos in totally different ways; guys will look at a photo quickly and, in most cases, only at the subject. But women will look at EVERYTHING in the photo … so if you take a selfie in the mirror in front of your completely messy bedroom/bathroom, she’s going to look at it. And trust me, that is not going to make her want to rush out to meet you!

What’s the most memorable match you’ve had?

I had one guy pop up and I think I may have been a ‘what if’ for him because we had absolutely nothing in common. He listed the most influential person in his life as the guy who played the green Power Ranger.

What do you think makes a man irresistible to women? 

In my case, it’s a mixture of self-confidence, great communication skills, humour, modesty and just a dash of arrogance. Think Don Draper, Harvey Specter and even Dr Patrick Reid when he started on Offspring.

And what do you think makes a woman irresistible to a man?

Confidence. The amount of times I’ve had male friends tell me how attractive it is to see a woman who clearly knows who she is, what she wants and what she’s all about.

So have you been on any dates? What have they been like?

I’ve had two first dates so far; a dinner date (one week after joining) which was lovely but in the end I decided I wasn’t the right person for him, and my second first date was just recently (three weeks after joining) which started with afternoon drinks at Iceworks in Brisbane. We hit it off and drinks turned into a night at the rugby with his friends and mine, followed by drinks and dancing until the early hours!

Ooh do we have a winner?!

Well he has already organised our second date – a Foo Fighters concert in Las Vegas.

What do you mean in Las Vegas? You’re in Brisbane!

I know – it’s going to be a four day trip over the weekend!

Um, wow!

Haha, in my very own (stolen) words… it’s just a date. Albeit a long one in a foreign country with a 17 hour travel time. I think we just hit it off and he wanted to do something cool. I’m way impressed. And he’s impressed I said yes. Watch this space…

Oh, we will, don’t you worry! So do you get nervous before a date? How do you deal with those nerves?

I do; it’s usually less butterflies and more like a stampede of elephants. If I’m driving to a date, I’ll play some of my favourite music to distract me. I’ll also have a proper drink (if it’s a drinks date) when I arrive but stick to only one or two – throwing up on a date is never a good move!

If a date’s going really badly, what do you do?

I’ve only had one or two bad dates so far and I pretty much just sucked it up, was polite and waited for it to be over. Thankfully no date I’ve had has been so unbearable that I’ve had no choice but to leave halfway through … except the St Laurence’s semi-formal in Year 11 when I hid in the toilets for a while.

How can you tell if you’re into your date? What happens if you’re not sure? Do you keep dating or call time?

I’ll usually want to talk to them more and tell them stupid stuff that happens in my day. I’ll find myself smiling when I see their name pop up on my phone, and usually I’ll start baking – for them, for friends, for my colleagues. I bake when I’m happy. But if I’m not into it or feeling a ‘spark’, then I tend to call time pretty fast. I don’t like to drag things on plus I don’t have a very good poker face so if I’m not happy, it’s generally pretty obvious!

How do you let him know you’re not into it?

It depends how long I’ve been seeing them but I think it’s okay to part ways by text (if that’s your main mode of communication) if you’ve only been out a couple of times and haven’t gotten down and dirty. But if you have passed the sleepover stage, you definitely need to do it face-to-face. I’ll just be honest and tell them that I’m not interested or not feeling it. As one of my close friends told me, you can’t argue with someone’s feelings (although I have had a couple of guys try – and fail!)

Who’s your ideal celebrity date? And what would you do together?

That’s so tough … there’s a long list of fictional characters I’d love to date – Harvey Specter (Suits), Sam Swarek (Rookie Blue), Finn Polmar (The Good Wife) and Kelly Severide (Chicago Fire), but when it comes to real people, it’s probably Andy Lee or Prince Harry. And I’d want to do something fun – burgers and bowling, a trip up the coast to the beach with some fresh seafood for lunch or play skirmish (but be on the same team).

What do you think is the key to a great relationship?

I think you need to have a few shared interests as well as some that you can do separately or with your mates. You have to be willing to make time for each other (even when things get hectic), be honest with each other and most importantly, you have to be able to laugh – whether it’s at each or at something else. I think it’s important to find someone who fits into your life and who you are happy with, but you shouldn’t rely on them to make you happy. It’s not about finding someone to complete you, it’s about finding someone who complements you.

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