How marrying a farmer changed me: Minda & Anthony


After just six months from meeting on eharmony, Minda and Anthony (AKA ‘Tone’) were engaged. Minda packed up her life, quit her job and moved to Anthony’s dairy farm in Victoria. Having just celebrating their first wedding anniversary, we caught up with Minda to chat about all things mud, cows and tractors – and why she prefers a farmer over a city guy!

Did you ever think you would marry a farmer?

It wasn’t in my initial life plan, but I’m ever so happy that I did!

What was it like packing up your life and moving to Anthony’s farm? Did you have any hesitations?

Tony never officially asked me to move to the farm, I knew that that was where my life was going to be, after dating him for a month I told my boss I would be actively looking for work near the farm. I had no hesitation. When I officially moved in, I did have a little break down as I realised this was going to be my home for the rest of my life (I would never live in Paris, or on the beach), but then Tone gave me a cuddle and I was thrilled that this was my home. It didn’t matter where we were, as long as we were together.

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What does a typical day look like for you guys?

Tone gets up before the sun, he has to get the cows in and start milking. I get up and get ready for work. Every morning I stop past the dairy to give Tone a kiss goodbye – I have to dodge the cow poo! Tone’s day is unpredictable, as a farmer you never know what might come up. He is a mechanic, engineer, tradie and a vet all rolled into one. I get home at about 5 and prepare tea, Tone will get home between 7 and 8 pm – we eat tea together and relax. We get to bed before 10 and spend an hour discussing our day before we fall asleep sharing the same pillow.

What’s it like to live on a farm together? Do you think it brings you closer together?

I enjoy farm life, although there are two sets of gates I have to get through to get home which kill me – especially in winter when I am coming home from work in my corporate wear and end up covered in mud and cow poo! Other than that, I love to help Tone when I can. I love driving the tractors, milking the cows, riding the quad bike around. Tone is a great teacher; he teaches me everything he knows about farming. One of my favourite jobs is to ride in the tractor with him – I love that I can share his work with him. I think the fact that we can spend so much time together on the farm brings us closer together. We are able to appreciate each others’ strengths and know that we can rely on each other.

What’s the best thing about being with a farmer?

I don’t know if it is all farmers, or just my farmer, but he is so strong – physically as well as mentally. Yet at the same time he is so gentle, he loves me completely and when I am with him I feel completely safe. I know that he will always look after me. I also love the fact he is always around. Because he works at home, he is never too far away.

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Any downfalls?

The only thing that annoys me is that we can’t just get away on the spur of the moment. The cows need to be milked twice a day everyday – including birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, weekends. There is never any time off. Tone was milking the cows the morning of our wedding! This just means if we want a night away together it takes a lot of planning.

How are farmers different to city guys?

My farmer thinks through everything and looks at a situation from every perspective; he is not brash in making decisions. He works harder than any man I have ever met and is happy. He doesn’t get caught up in corporate ladders, or life at the gym. Farmers appreciate family and the little things in life.

“The view from our lounge room when the cows are out”

What would be your advice to anyone thinking about dating a farmer?

Give it a go. Farm life is amazing, and farmers have the most generous souls. My farmer values everything and is incredibly supportive.

Do you still go on dates?

When we can (or can be bothered) to go into town we might go bowling, have a meal and then just go for a walk. For us the most important part of the date is to enjoy each other’s company without thinking about bulls, cows, milk or tractors.

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Do you think being around nature has a positive effect on your relationship? How so?

Absolutely! Being so close to nature is calming. When we work as a team helping sick cows, or delivering calves provides me with a grounding, which I have never experienced before. The fact that we can share those experiences makes our bond even stronger. The weather and the outdoors have such an impact on our lives. It is the driving source behind the farm’s success. All the seasons bring their benefits, but my favourite is winter, because we get to snuggle up when it’s cold, and the rain means that Tone spends more time inside 😉

Has marrying a farmer changed you?

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary last week. Now I am with my farmer, I am a much calmer person. My farmer for me has brought me a sense of peace. I know that my farmer has my back, I am confident in knowing that he loves me no matter what I’m doing or how I look. He probably loves me more in gumboots with mud on my forehead than in high heels and a designer dress!

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