How to date when you have NO time


Your boss is expecting that report yesterday. Your kids’ soccer clothes still need washing. You’ve got to get a present for your sister’s birthday and finish reading that book for book club… How on Earth are you meant to fit dating in, right?

So often the reason why people don’t date is because they simply don’t have the time. But that’s not technically true – we all manage to find time to do things that are important to us because we prioritise them. If you’re serious about finding a partner, then you have to get serious about finding the time.

Here are some tricks that will help you out:

  1. Set aside time and schedule it in your diary

If you look at your month’s schedule and set aside two nights to go on a date, you can work life around it. Writing ‘date time’ in your diary sounds extreme, but if it’s in there, it’s more likely to happen.

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  1. Set a time limit

It’s easy to respond to a match on eHarmony, get distracted and then, whoops, an hour has disappeared! How did that happen?! The best time managers recommend setting a limit, usually half an hour. This increases productivity and stops you falling into a time suck.

  1. Get serious about what you’re looking for

If time is precious, there’s no point wasting it with a man or woman who you know aren’t right for you. Yes, they might love horror films like you, but do you share the same values? Do they tick your ‘must have’ boxes? Be smart and choose to invest in people you see a future with.

  1. Do you have a commute? Use it

Chances are you’re already glancing at Instagram or Facebook, so why not download eharmony’s app? This way you can date while you’re getting from A to B. In fact, the app makes dating when you have random down time super convenient. Who doesn’t love getting a surprise message at 3pm while waiting for their arvo coffee?

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  1. Use your ad breaks

Speaking of down time, the average Aussie watches three hours of television a day. If that’s you, can you cut that down by watching your fave shows online? Failing that, can you use ad breaks to respond to matches?

  1. Focus on the future

Fast forward two years in time. What do you see? If you see yourself loved up with a partner, going on romantic dates and smiling so wide you could eat a banana sideways, use that vision to motivate you now into taking the steps to make it happen.

  1. Take a break

What’s stopping you having a few months off and coming back to dating when life simmers down? Nothing! In fact, sometimes it’s a smart idea to stop, recharge and come back when you’re feeling your best, and able to be the best date.

How do you find time to date? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram. And if you are ready to narrow down the world of possibilities, sign up to eharmony today- find someone made for you.

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