Emotionally mature man

How to spot an emotionally mature man

by Eharmony Editorial Team - February 2, 2010

No woman worth her salt chooses to date an emotionally immature man. Here are five signs to show you what that coveted emotionally mature man looks like...

If you’re looking for a happy, long-lasting relationship, you should be on the lookout for an emotionally mature man. Here are the five signs to look out for…

Relationships are tough at the best of times, but when one half insists on pouting, or throwing his toys out the pram, rather than talking problems through, then they become near impossible. So, how do you spot an emotionally mature man, instead of finding out the hard way? Here are five tell-tale signs:

1.  He can make decisions

You know the type – he can’t decide where to go for dinner, can’t decide whether to apply for a new job, and can’t decide whether he wants to be with you. The emotionally mature man has courage in his convictions; he knows he wants to be in a relationship with you. And he knows where he’s taking you for dinner on your next date.

2.  He’s responsible

The emotionally mature man doesn’t whine and blame other people or events for the unfortunate things that happen in his life. He accepts responsibility and moves quickly on to turning the situation round. Who wants to be with someone who’s irresponsible? That doesn’t bode well for a long-term relationship.

3.  He’s driven

There’s something instantly attractive about a man who is passionate about his work, or a particular cause that’s important to him. It shows he cares about other people, not just himself , and the mere act of being dedicated to something shows he’s driven and proactive – both admirable qualities.

4. He’s close to his friends and family

A man who has great relationships with those around him is likely to carry that over into his romantic relationships. Most guys have mates they hang around with, but the emotionally mature man will stand out by being close to them. The same goes when it comes to family; don’t be surprised if you meet his parents early on!

5. He’s open and emotional

A mature man delivers what every woman wants – the ability to connect with his feelings and explain them to those closest to him. He doesn’t bottle up his emotions, instead he picks an appropriate time and manner to discuss them.

If you’re currently seeing an emotionally mature man, congratulations, you’ll recognise a lot of these qualities. If these five points describe someone who’s the opposite of the man you’re seeing, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate. We’re not saying break-up with him, but don’t indulge his immature behaviour. And if you do find yourself single again, you’ll know the traits to look for in a mature man.