Life on a farm together: Kristen & Hugh


eharmony success couple Hugh and Kristen swapped the city for farm life when they got married and moved to Maffra, Victoria together to grow their salad business. From managing a farm to raising their two sons in the great outdoors, Kristen and Hugh share what life is like as a farm couple!

Tell us about your farm

We grow vegetables, mainly salads. We have two farms, one in Victoria and one in Queensland operating under ‘Australian Fresh Salads.’

What was it like packing up your life and moving to the country together?

H: I moved down first and Kristen moved down a few months later. It is all a bit of a blur as I was working really hard to set the farm up.

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K: I was excited about the decision to move down and be with Hugh. It wasn’t a tough choice; to be together we needed to be in Maffra. I had just landed my dream nursing job and I’m also incredibly close to my family, but being with Hugh mattered more than anything else. Moving to Maffra was ultimately a business decision for us, so the farms could run seasonally.

What does a typical day look like for you?

H: I usually have breakfast with our eldest son, Xavi (2 years old) and then go to work at around 7:30. I have lunch at home most days. We are pretty busy – we employ around 150 people so my day is mainly management. During the weekend I spend time with the boys checking crops and playing in the mud.

K: My day now revolves around the boys and their routines. I was lucky to join a great mums group down here so we often catch up for a coffee and a play date for the children. I was a nurse before having the boys, now I’m a full time mum.

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Describe what it’s like living on a farm with your partner

H: It is good because it means I can come home at anytime, but it also means I work a lot on weekends. We are both from Queensland so in Victoria our family support network is a long way away.

K: Owning our own business allows a lot of flexibility which is wonderful. Hugh is able to come home for lunch every day as he is 2 minutes down the road. It’s also handy if I get into trouble with the kids – a quick phone call and Hugh comes home to save the day. We have a wonderful relationship and being down in Maffra away from extended family means we only have each other to rely on, so we are a very tight family unit.

What’s the best thing about farm life?  

H: I love being a farmer, growing produce is really rewarding.

K: It wouldn’t matter what Hugh did, whether he was a farmer or worked in the city, it’s about him as a person and I really hit the jackpot!

Any downfalls?

Being away from our family is really tough, especially now that we have our boys, we don’t have that close family network to draw on.

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How are farmers different to city guys/girls?

H: It’s no different – you get people who are progressive or not, people who care about the environment and those who don’t. Personally I don’t resonate with farmers who aren’t progressive.

K: Once again, I find it’s a personality thing; it’s nothing to do with the occupation.

What would be your advice to anyone thinking about dating a farmer?

H: Get used to the dirt, insects and the highs and lows of farming life.

K: The biggest thing would be location and gauging whether you think you could live remotely and away from family and friends.

Do you still go on dates together?

H: Yes, going out for breakfast is our thing. More recently we play squash nearly twice a week against each other. If Kristen’s parents are around to look after the kids, we will have a date night.

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K: Our date days are a little bit different now that we have the children. When we are in Brisbane visiting my folks we go out on great date nights: usually drinks, dinner or the movies, and the boys stay with their grandparents. Given that we don’t go out as regularly as we used to, when we do have dates it’s really exciting! We don’t have anyone to leave the boys with in Maffra, so our dates are more of a family affair.

Do you think being around the outdoors has a positive effect on your relationship?

K: What we love about the outdoors and the space we have around us in Maffra is it’s a wonderful place to raise our boys in. They love being outside and its wonderfully peaceful. I would be lying though if I said the flies and dirt didn’t bother this city girl just a little bit. It’s also slightly painful that Hugh and the boys manage to drag home half a paddock in their boots and pants whenever they come home from the farm!

Has marrying a farmer changed you?

K: Pursuing a relationship with Hugh, moving to Maffra and getting married was the best decision I have made. We have a great relationship and two wonderful boys – it doesn’t get much better than that.

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