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eharmony is celebrating 8 years and thousands of happy couples in Australia! We got in touch with some of our first Aussie couples who met on eharmony and asked: What has been the key to your lasting relationship?

“Mutual understanding, a penchant for travel, experiencing as much as we can, being there for each other, sharing chores, and most importantly travelling through life together. Be open, honest, understanding and supportive.”

– Carl & Kirstin, VIC

“Very similar realities and willingness to communicate even in times of difficulty. Our advice is to fill out the eharmony questionnaire truthfully.”

– Greg & Stephanie, NSW

  1. “So often people in a relationship concentrate on the negatives – the things they don’t like or which irritate them. We concentrate on the positives and are always telling nice things about each other.
  2. Always being the first one you want to tell about anything, good or bad. Being each other’s Number 1.
  3. Supporting each other in times of great joy and in times of sadness
  4. Sense of humour – we always start laughing because we know what’s in each other’s head
  5. With me being a kiwi originally, Paul always allows NZ to win the rugby with good grace
  6. Telling each other every day that I love you

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Our advice to others would be to find someone who you are relaxed with and can talk to; always be truthful and never keep secrets from each other; always support the other person no matter what; allowing each other space too; always telling them how much you care about them and love them; always keeping the romance there – bringing home flowers.”

– Laurie & Paul, NSW

“Having a sense of humour, supporting each other, and accepting your partner for exactly who they are. But you should both be willing to compromise, look at yourself and make adjustments if needed.”

– Monica & Simon, VIC

“Good communication and a similar (but not the same) outlook on life and the world. Talk to each other; Listen to each other. Be open. Be honest.”

– Ben & Pam, SA

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