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If you’re trying to initiate a conversation, rely on spontaneous comments based on natural situations. However, not everyone’s able to think quickly when opportunity strikes, So it’s a good idea to have a few basics openers up your sleeve. Here are six deceptively simple ideas to get you going.

1) Aren’t you…?
If you know the someone it makes approaching them so much easier easier.

So what if you don’t know them? – pretend that you do! Make your approach and ask, “Aren’t you…?” When he/she replies, read whether they look annoyed that you interrupted, or open to more communication. The worst that can happen is you get turned away. At best, you’ll get some attention, giving you the opportunity for a follow-up. “Wow, you look just like someone I used to work with…” is simple enough, or use the interaction to tell them something about yourself: “You look just like a girl from my photography class”. Either way, be sure to read the level of interest, because if they’re clearly not interested, it’s best to walk away with your pride intact.

2) Hey, I like your shirt
The main problem with most pickup lines is that they’re too generic and can be aimed at anyone. So if you’re interested in someone you see while you’re out, pick something special about them and ask about it. What do you think of their hair color, coat or jewelry? Are they wearing something with an unusual color, or does their T-shirt have a slogan you could comment on? Whatever it is, make it be known that you’ve noticed certain things about their appearance, and that you’re not just shooting random pickup lines.

3) Don’t I know you from the gym?
Assuming some familiarity with someone is a non-threatening way to start a conversation. If you go to the gym for example, it tells them something about you and offers them a hook to keep talking. If you see them at a movie, ask if they’ve seen a certain film and what they thought. Whatever you approach, pick something that’s familiar to you so you can be ready to keep the conversation flowing.

4) What kind of dog is that?
Dogs famously get people conversing in parks or walking on the beach – who doesn’t love to chat about their much-loved pet? But the idea extends to all props. If they’re reading a book, ask if they’ve read many other books by the same writer; if listening to their iPod, it’s an opportunity for a music question. Seize the moment, and by asking about something they’re doing right now, it’ll sound less contrived.

5) I just got out of Bangkok Hilton
Someone we know actually used this line and ended up marrying the girl. The reason it worked? It was true. The man in this instance was a genuine guy, but had been mistaken for the wrong person on a trip to Thailand. The point is, he relayed an outrageous story as an opening line – one that had genuinely happened to him. As we go about our lives, interesting things do happen. Capture your craziest story into a single line, and you’ll come across as witty and interesting.

6) Can I buy you a drink?
It may seem like a faux pas, but it’s simple, direct to the point and shows that you’re interested. Keep it polite and try not to sound too cheesy. If they decline, be polite and let it be. And ladies, this one isn’t just for the men out there! Blokes love being offered a drink for a change, and the gesture is often enough to get the conversation on its way.

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