Quiz: Which Bond or Bond Girl is your best match?


We ran 15 of the most iconic Bond girls through eharmony’s compatibility matching system to reveal 007’s most compatible girl, then made this quiz so you can find out your most compatible Bond guy/girl too!

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Bond, James Bond, won’t stop his womanising ways any time soon, but our latest study has uncovered which Bond girl would be most likely to tame Britain’s top secret agent. The study involved psychological profiling of the fifteen most iconic Bond girls since 1962 and a composite profile for 007, completed by James Bond expert Brian Pendreigh to coincide with the release of the latest Bond movie, Spectre.

The relationship experts at eharmony then scored each profile on the 29 dimensions of compatibility needed for a successful long-term relationship, including emotional temperament, social style, values and beliefs, and sense of humour.

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Natalya Simonova (Goldeneye – Izabella Scorupco) came out as Bond’s most compatible match thanks to her calmness in dealing with tricky situations and her willingness to let Bond take the lead – necessary qualities when coping with the secret agent’s hectic lifestyle. Her warmth and capacity to care are complimentary characteristics to 007’s more stoical nature, making her more likely to form a lasting bond with Bond. 

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Top ‘Bond girls’ by overall compatibility score

  Bond Girl Actress Bond Film
1. Natalya Simonova Izabella Scorupco Pierce Brosnan Goldeneye
2. Plenty O’Toole Lana Wood Sean Connery Diamonds Are Forever
3. Anya Amasova Barbara Bach Roger Moore The Spy Who Loved Me
4. Kara Milovy Maryam d’Abo Timothy Dalton The Living Daylights
5. Solitaire Jane Seymour Roger Moore Live and Let Die
6. Eve Moneypenny (Multiple actresses) N/A Throughout franchise
7. Tatiana Romanova Daniela Bianchi Sean Connery From Russia With Love
8. Dr. Holly Goodhead Lois Chiles Roger Moore Moonraker
9. Vesper Lynd Eva Green Daniel Craig Casino Royale
10. Jinx Johnson Halle Berry Pierce Brosnan Die Another Day
11. Octopussy Maud Adams Roger Moore Octopussy
12. Honey Ryder Ursula Andress Sean Connery Dr. No
13. Wai Lin Michelle Yeoh Pierce Brosnan Tomorrow Never Dies
14. Pussy Galore Honor Blackman Sean Connery Goldfinger
15. Tracy de Vicenzo-Bond Diana Rigg George Lazenby On Her Majesty’s Secret Service


Following Natalya, 007’s second best match was Plenty O’Toole (Diamonds Are Forever – Lana Wood). While sharing relatively few scenes with Bond, their well-matched libidos and sense of extraversion would deliver a highly charged romance, were it not for her untimely demise.

The least compatible match was ‘Tracy’ de Vicenzo (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Diana Rigg) and the only Bond girl to marry 007. Tracy would struggle being Bond’s lover due to her anxiety and unstable past. With Bond always around temptation and danger, being with him would have left Tracy more shaken than stirred.

Film critic, author and Bond expert Brian Pendreigh said: “I think people will be quite surprised that Natalya came out as 007’s perfect match well ahead of a number of iconic Bond girls like Honey Ryder or Tracy. Though Natalya wasn’t one of the most famous Bond girls, she is smart, her heart is in the right place, and she would probably exert a calming influence on him.”

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eharmony’s Dating and Relationship expert Melanie Schilling says: “Sometimes compatibility surprises us; the Bond study shows that it’s not always about finding similarities in a couple, but about finding complementary strengths to create harmony within a relationship. If the underlying values and beliefs are aligned, a couple can have a dynamic, stimulating and enjoyable relationship – despite having different personality styles.”

Read more about compatibility in Mel’s latest blog post.

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