The secret formula to getting dressed in under a minute


For a lot of us, getting dressed can be a serious chore. In fact, it can be a complete time-waster: did you know that on average, we could be spending a year of our lives deciding what to wear? It usually goes a little something like this: jump out of shower, stare blankly at wardrobe, look at shoes for inspiration, try on a jacket or two, groan that you hate everything you own and finally, throw on the same outfit you’ve already worn several times that week just so you’re not late. This process is particularly stressful when it’s a date you’re running late for – you can only imagine he or she sitting at the bar checking their watch every two minutes. You can only hope punctuality isn’t on their “deal-breaker” list.

So why do we find it so hard to choose an outfit, anyway? Well, put simply, it’s because we have too many options. We are overwhelmed! Think about it – do we really need a dozen pairs of skinny jeans, or 20 button-up shirts? Probably not, but they’re all different in your eyes, right?

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This simple formula is designed to restrict your choices and indecision; it will make it easier to get your outfit started, and stop you from wandering aimlessly through the racks waiting for something to jump out:

Step 1

Before even looking at anything else, you must choose your main item. For women, it’s a top, jumpsuit or dress. For men, it’s a shirt. Instantly, this little trick should cut your wardrobe in half (or more!) and you will no longer be distracted by everything else in your wardrobe. From now on, each time you get dressed, you’re not allowed to move on until you’ve chosen the main item.

Step 2

If you’ve gone for a top or a shirt, it’s time to choose the bottoms – chinos, skirts, shorts or jeans. Do not be distracted by the brand new shoes you just bought!

Step 3

Now, turn it into a full outfit by adding a jacket or coat. Voila! You have now got the building blocks to your date night look and all it took was 30 seconds.

Step 4

Shoes are next, which will be 1,000,000,000x easier to choose now that you have yourself a complete outfit. If you’re the unorganised type and you have 15 minutes to be at the restaurant, put your shoes straight on to decide. If you’ve left yourself a bit more time (or you’re nervous), you’ve probably got your outfit laid on the bed – add the shoes to get the full view before getting dressed.  The trick is to not think about your choices too much, otherwise you’ll start finding things you don’t like.

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Step 5

In this formula, it’s best to leave accessories until last. Often we build our whole outfit around a fantastic necklace or our favourite tie, but when we’re rushed this will only end up being stressful. Move onto your accessories after everything else is done – they’ll finish your look, and all together will have you feeling a million bucks as you walk into your date.

by Alyce Cowell

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