Singles make the world go ’round…sort of.


They want to ‘hang out’
There is a definite distinction between ‘hanging out’ with a friend and dating. Unless you’re a teenager reading this article for research, we’re all adults here – and we no longer hang out! Unfortunately, there are some adults who still believe in ‘hanging out’ and use it as an acceptable form of dating. Red flags for these people include those that actually say ‘Let’s hang out’ and turn up to your ‘date’ with a group of mates. This person wants the best of both worlds – don’t let them have it.

They’re non-committal…about everything!
This type of single are keeping their options open, incase something better comes along. You like them, you’ve asked them on a date, only to be confronted with ‘Yes, maybe – I’ll get back to you’, despite the positive signals they’ve been giving off. Dating should be quite simple really – two people like each other so they decide to meet up with each other to see if they like each other a little more. It shouldn’t involve someone who pencils you in, hoping for a better offer. They aren’t ready to date, so shouldn’t. Give this single a very wide bearth.

They’re the Masterchef of the dating world! Hot……cold
The single that goes hot and cold is totally cunfusing! The dating world is complicated enough without dating someone that you’re not sure even likes you. One minute you are fixed squarely in their sights, the next they act like they don’t even know you! Who can bothered with all of that?

HUGE ego
Have you ever found yourself wondering, mid date, when the last time you spoke was? Your date hasn’t drawn breathe since you sat down and has managed to tell you how wonderful they are, in twenty different ways. If you realise this pattern continuing it’s time to say good bye.

Mamma’s boy/daddy’s girl 
They’re spoilt and they expect everything on a silver platter – and will expect the same treatment from you. They expect everything to go their way, and haven’t realised yet that that’s not how a proper, adult relationships should work!

Negative Nelly
You know the ones, anything you say is met with a barrage of negative comments – anything and everything sets these people off! For a relatively bright person this type of single can be down-right depressing. Stay away or you may start to ‘catch’ their negativity!

The dating addict
While most people want to meet someone special – with some fun dates thrown in for good measure – there’s a section of the dating community who could be called ‘serial daters’! It might be fear of commitment or maybe an addiction to the rush of the first date, either way they won’t be settling down any time soon. If you’re going through a down patch you might be tempted to hang around with the dating addict, but please don’t – it’s not going anywhere, trust us.

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