The 10 strangest date ideas


1. Night Owl Rendezvous

You know how you manage to stay up late emailing or chatting to someone online? Maybe you should take the plunge and meet up. That’s right! And not as a booty call, repeat – not as a booty call, but rather to sit on top of a mountain (or other vantage point) and watch the sunrise!

2. Early birds go breakfasting

Here’s a date idea for the special people who are sparkling in the morning. Breakfast meetings aren’t just the domain of harried business people. Instead have a leisurely breakfast together, with almond croissants and lattes in a terrace cafe. Watch the world kick into high gear and get to know each other better.

3. Pot luck gig

Musos and music enthusiasts are usually trawling through the street press to find out what’s on during any given weekend. So pick an obscure band and go and see them with your date. Then you can dissect how good or bad they were over a drink afterwards.

4. 7/11 date

Get thee to a convenience store and purchase sour snakes, chewy glutinous jelly babies, Cadbury’s or whatever else is on offer. Also get X-large slurpies, and then walk through the city. This will result in two responsible adults sliding into a strange adolescent fervour. Will you pole dance a traffic light? Will you moon walk? Will you kiss? Who knows! Sugar is evil but it can bring people together in much the same way as alcohol.

5. Ye olde date

Cook a whole snapper, drink ale from big mugs, wear muslin tops, play Enya, and eat with your hands.

6. At the drive in

Despite TV, film and the internet, there are still drive ins around Australia. Head to them and watch the latest blockbuster from the intimate comfort of your own car. Cadillac, preppy jacket, and bouffant hair is optional.

7. Make a fort

Terrible weather? No money? No worries! Build a fort together in your lounge room using sheets, towels and cushions. Then you can watch a movie on the laptop together…or something!

8. Oldie but a goodie

Don all white clothes and head down to your lawn bowls centre for a slow-moving game along with some ice-cold shandies – your gran would approve.

9. Literary jukebox

Bookworms will get all excited by this. Bring along your favourite book to a cafe and read a chapter aloud to each other. This means you can fully check out the other person without them knowing – and vice versa.

10. Mixtape medley

Cassettes and CDs are so 1990, you say? Well they are still a weapon of seduction for some. There is nothing more romantic than making a mixtape (or a playlist if you want to be modern!) for your love.

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