The 3 unforgivable mistakes a man can make on a first date


By Harriet Farkash

Most first date faux pas can be put down to the tension of the situation – talks about himself a little too much? Explains in way too much detail the bus schedule to work? All symptomatic of first date nerves.

But there are a few mistakes a man can make that are really, truly just not cool. Three women tell us what a man can do on a first date that screams ‘deal breaker!’

#1 Not pay

“I know figuring out who should pay on a first date is a point of contention, so let me make it simple for you: If you’re a man, pay. (That’s why first dates should be fairly low key – a coffee, a drink, a walk with ice cream, a cheap & cheerful meal… something that won’t break the bank.) I know it’s not fair. But it’s polite. Second date? Different story. But let her know right from the first date that you’re a gentleman – she’ll appreciate it. Hopefully, she’ll let you know she’s not the kind of woman to take advantage by at least offering to pay her way, to which you’ll say, ‘No, that’s okay. I’ve got this.’” – Elly Klein, author of Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates and founder of Unique Love Story.

#2 Talk about your ex

“There are so many things that can go wrong on a first date… parsley in your teeth, skirt tucked into your undies, the guy that “forgets” his wallet… you know, the usual. But the one thing that really seems to stick with me is when a guy talks about his ex. That is not good first date chat! Once is a slip, two or three times and I’m Tindering under the table. We all have a past, but save that for after you’ve swapped saliva is all I’m saying.” – Emma Markezic, Cosmopolitan magazine’s relationship columnist

#3 Just disappear

“My friend went to meet an online date at a popular Sydney bar after work. They arrived, grabbed a drink and sunk into the nearby couches. He drank his beer at lightning speed and reached the frothy base before she had even made it half way through hers. He must be nervous, she thought.  The bachelor stood. ‘I’ll be right back,’ he pointed at his empty glass and disappeared into the bustling crowd.

After a few minutes she glanced at her watch. Probably still in the queue, she thought. After ten minutes she checked her phone, no messages. After fifteen minutes she stood and did a lap of the bar where he definitely wasn’t. When she passed the same bartender for third time it hit her like a cheap shot of tequila, he had legged it! Without even a lame, ‘I’ve got to water my plants’ excuse.

Obviously she was thankful to discover as quickly as possible that the guy had as much depth as his schooner glass but it didn’t make the walk out of that bar any easier.” – Miss Wooable, dating blogger at Wooable

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