The age of a match – how important is it?



The majority of people say that the ideal age for a partner is between five and ten years of their own age, but there may be matches outside of this age bracket who are better suited to you for a number of reasons.

Energy levels

The amount of energy someone has can be affected by their age, but it is also affected by many other factors including weight, diet, attitude and lifestyle. If you are in your 30s and love hiking and mountain-biking, you may limit your search to only people who are also in their 30s. However, there is every chance that someone in their 50s could be as good a match for you – they may even be better suited if they are health conscious. Many people are fitter in later life than they were when they were younger, as they are more conscious of the need to stay in shape.

Physical appearance

Do you think someone much older than you might not be as physically attractive? You only need to look in the media to see examples of celebrities who look glamorous and attractive in their 40s, 50s and 60s. While most people don’t look like celebrities, the market for anti-aging products is continually growing as people take better care of their appearance. Many people get more attractive as they grow older. They are less self-conscious and more comfortable in their own skin, which is very attractive no matter what someone looks like.

Emotional connection

Finding someone attractive has as much to do with an emotional connection as with physical attraction. You are attracted to their values and beliefs. These have very little relation to their age, and are much more influenced by their life experiences.

The other part of it is their open-heartedness and willingness to connect with you. To build a healthy and lasting relationship with someone you need to both be open to the relationship and willing to give it a go, even if there is a chance it won’t work out. This takes a certain amount of emotional maturity that has little to do with biological age.

Social stigma

If there is a large age gap between you and your partner, you may encounter some social stigma. It is important that you are confident enough in your own decisions and not unduly influenced by other people’s opinions. Love has no age restrictions and while people who don’t know you might judge a big age gap, the people closest to you will only care that you are happy.

Family planning

The age of match you are looking for will be influenced by whether you are hoping to start a family. A woman is the most fertile before the age of 35, although many women are now starting families much later. A man can father children into his 60s, but as his age increases, his ability to be an active father will decrease.

Widen the net

To give yourself the very best chance of dating success, it might be better to put age to the bottom of your dating criteria and let other factors determine whether you decide to contact a match. There are no hard and fast rules with regard to age. Once you meet someone you really connect with, the chances are that their age will quickly become irrelevant.

Some 50 year olds have more vitality and zest for life than the average 25 year old, while there are younger people who have an emotional maturity way beyond their years. Everyone is unique. The chemistry you feel with someone will have more to do with a deep emotional connection. It is this factor which determines whether love will flourish, and it has nothing at all to do with age.

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