The Game of Thrones guide to love


To celebrate today’s official airing of Season 5, here is eharmony’s survival guide for love and dating in Westeros!

In the land of Westeros, where murderous schemes, double-crossings, ice-cold zombies and exploding heads are the norm, you could be forgiven for overlooking the dating wisdom at hand. Fortunately, this is where eHarmony comes in – looking beyond the direwolves and dragons to bring you the Game of Thrones Guide to Love.

It’s easy to get caught up by the scheming and cunning that is the norm on Game of Thrones, but Amidst all this chaos there are underlying themes of compatibility, compassion and, perhaps most importantly, what not to do when looking for love!

With this in mind, here are eharmony’s key love and dating outtakes, based on the travails of the characters in Game of Thrones.

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1. Love is all about compromise

Daenerys went through some extremely trying and eye-opening times at the beginning of her relationship with her Dothraki husband and definitely compromised on many occasions.

With time and perseverance, true love blossomed, and their bond culminated when she stomached a raw horse’s heart. Even the all-mighty Khal Drogo went all gooey with love.

2. Be sure the person is right for you

Before his unfortunate run-in with the sadistic Ramsay Bolton/Snow, the bold prince of the Iron Islands Theon Greyjoy could not have been accused of being shy with the ladies.

However, he came unstuck when he put some creepy moves onto Yara, before realising she was his sister.

The moral of the story: always take time to make sure that person is right for you before plunging in head first.

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3. Work out your feelings – friends or something more?

Brienne and Jaime have a complex bond – one that involves saving each other’s hide regularly; including a daring escape from a bear pit. Even though there’s a mutual affection, it never progresses to anything romantic.

While this appears to be mutual between the pair, the same cannot be said for poor Ser Jorah and his unrequited desire to break out of the friend zone phase with Daenerys. Unfortunately, the beast from Bear Island was rendered nothing more than a sad panda when he could not read the signs – she’s just not that into you!

4. Just because you’re different, doesn’t mean it can’t work

Jon Snow was born in a castle; Ygritte was born in the wild, beyond the wall. Despite this alternative upbringing, Jon loved Ygritte for her strong, fierce and wildling nature.

Be open-minded about where you might find love, the results could surprise you!

5. Love brings out the best in people

The brutish and cruel Khal Drogo, who harboured no compassion for the inhabitants of the cities he ruthlessly conquered, became like a tender lion cub in the arms of his wife Daenerys, proving that love conquers all.

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6. Show the real you

The way you care for your pets can show a potential partner that you’re compassionate and caring. However, if you don’t have a dragon or a direwolf, fret not. Simply meeting your date to walk your dogs can end up being a great way to get to know each other.

7. Greet winter like a friend

As the famous Stark words go: “Winter is coming.” It’s a foreboding omen for the Starks, but with winter upon us and the mercury steadily dropping, use this opportunity to snuggle up with your date by the fire, along with a bottle of wine and cuddles. Hopefully minus the White Walkers creeping around the place.

And finally…

8. Be self-reliant and self-loving

Ahh Tyrion… the outcast of House Lannister is witty, devious and wise. He has a thick skin because of the cruelty he suffered at the hands of his father, his sister, and countless others.

Likewise, don’t let setbacks get you down – a thick skin and a bit of courage can do wonders when navigating the dating world!

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