The new rules: four ways dating has changed in the last five years


Rule #1: Multi-dating is now part of the game
Five years ago, online dating made it possible to have a date almost every weekend. That’s not good enough anymore. Today, the savviest singles know that dating is a numbers game. Instead of putting all your emotional eggs in one basket, it’s time to start multi-dating. Sound daunting? It’s not. Plus, the benefits of multi-dating are well documented. Your expectations are tempered because you’re free from the pressure of making this one date work. There’s comfort in knowing that if one gets away, another will take their place. Plus, you get to put your flirting and dating skills to the test more regularly.

Rule #2: People have shorter attention spans (in other words, learn to work it!)
Remember when conventional wisdom blamed TV for creating shorter attention spans? These days, a variety of media all vie for our attention at any given time. From video games to 24/7 email delivered directly to your smartphone, to keeping up on your friends’ lives via Facebook and Twitter – the truth is, it’s growing more and more challenging to not only get someone’s attention, but to keep it. So how does that apply to your dating efforts? In all brutal honesty, it’s not enough anymore to be a handsome available catch. You’ve got to get in the social media game, create eye-catching profile headlines, and market your single assets. Sound impossible? It’s not. It just takes a little time, energy, and dedication. If you’re committed to getting real results, you’ll make the effort.

Rule #3: Technology has changed the game (embrace it!)
Gone are the days of creating a clever online dating profile, uploading your favourite photo, and sitting back to wait for the perfect match. The Internet dating pool nowadays is large and multi-faceted. You now you have to work a little harder to get real results. Invest in your success by embracing the multiple platforms now available to the average dater.

Rule #4: Dating is an industry
In the last five years, dating is not the only thing that’s changed. The dating industry has evolved into a sophisticated social science. There are books dedicated to the art of online dating, how to snag a good partner, and what rules to follow to ensure the woman of your dreams arrives within the first year. There are also coaches and experts dedicated to your success. Your job? To employ the methods you find useful, master the new principles, and date accordingly. Think of your dating life as a fun and fabulous part-time job. You need to implement the right tools, strategies, and support staff to make your job easier and more fun.

So there you have it. Four new rules of dating that’ll rock your results. May you learn them, live them, and love them!

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