Top ten things to remember on a first date


Everyone is different and how they deal with stressful situations will vary but there are a few things you can do that will mean that the all important first impression is the best it can be. Follow these simple suggestions and your date is much more likely to get a true impression of you rather than seeing someone who is too nervous to really shine.

1.      Location

Make sure you know exactly where you are going and if it is in an unfamiliar part of town check on a map and plan your route. If you are not sure exactly where you are meeting ask your date rather than worry about it on your own.

2.      Transport

If you are planning to drink alcohol then it is better to leave the car at home. It is sometimes more relaxing to take a cab rather than rely on public transport. However you plan to travel to your date, allow yourself more time than you think it will take to get there especially during rush hour.

3.      Child care

If you need someone to mind your children while you are out on your date make sure you book them in advance and check the day before that they are still available. Ask them to come for an hour before your need to leave so that even if they are late you won’t be rushing. If possible book them to stay for an hour later too so that you don’t have to rush away from your date at the end of the evening.

4.      Food

One of the things that can make nerves worse is forgetting to eat anything prior to the date. A couple of cups of coffee and a sugary snack will put anyone’s nerves on edge and will also mean that any alcohol you consume will go straight to your head. Try to eat something that is high in slow release carbohydrates a couple of hours before your date. This will help keep you calm and feeling in control of your nerves.

5.      Restaurants

Lots of people get nervous and flustered when it comes to choosing what they want from the menu on a date. Many restaurants now have their menu on the internet so you can log on and choose what you want before your date. This is also a good chance to assess how much money you are likely to need to take with you …

6.      Money 

… on the subject of money do make sure you take enough cash to pay for your share of a meal – even if you don’t think you will have to – and to pay for your transport home.

7.      Appearance

Your appearance isn’t just about what clothes you are wearing or whether you have a nice hair cut. Body language says just as much about you as your clothes and the most attractive thing you can wear for your date is a smile. Wear clothes you feel comfortable and attractive in and that are appropriate for where you are going – it’s also a good idea to check the weather forecast especially if you are meeting outside.

8.      Contact

Make sure you take your mobile phone and that it is fully charged. Put it on silent and out of sight for the duration of your date. Tell a friend where you are going and what time you think you will be home. If possible arrange to give them a call just to let them know you are ok. This is a good chance to talk through the date with someone as well as an important way of making sure you stay safe.

9.      Thinking

The attitude you have toward your date will go a long way towards how successful it is. If you have a positive, light-hearted approach – deciding you are going to have as good a time as possible, you probably will. If, however you are predicting a disaster, indulging in negative self talk and generally wondering why you are bothering – the chances are that you will come away believing it didn’t go very well. Keep an open mind – try not to judge straight away and remember there is a lot to be learnt even from a bad date

10.  Talking

Leave your problems at the door and do what you can to use conversation on a first date to get to know as much as you can about each other. Listen to the other person and share openly about yourself and above all, remember to have lots of fun.

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