What Aussies are looking for in their search for love


Overall the national study found that even in the digital age, old-fashioned values still rule amongst Australians looking for love. It showed that the most important qualities they’re looking for in a partner are friendship, compatibility and emotional support, which rated higher than superficial factors like appearance and age. This shows that although we’re increasingly turning to mobile and online technology to find love, we still value a solid foundation based on traditional values like compatibility and friendship when it comes to long term love.

First impressions

You might start thinking about those first date impressions differently, with the study revealing more than half of Aussies value laughter over physical appearance when it comes to first impressions.

Men take note, as this is particularly so for women! One in five is most interested in knowing if a partner can make her laugh. The most important quality to women overall, however, is having shared interests with their partner, while men place more importance on sexual compatibility – showing some physical attributes are not ignored. Sexual chemistry is not their only priority however, with 63% of men also admitting that they’re after a partner who they can share everything with, like hobbies and similar interests.

‘The Spark’

When asked to describe ‘the spark’, 83% of Australians liken it to feeling instantly at ease with someone, with less than half rating physical attractiveness as an important factor in creating a spark. Women are more likely to associate the spark with a partner’s ability to make them laugh, while for men it stems from their partner wanting to spend time with them. A little different to the intense physical attraction depicted in movies!

Deal breakers

The study also found that Aussies go beneath physical appearance when it comes to new relationship deal-breakers, with the three biggest deal breakers being:

– Poor lifestyle habits and choices

– Lack of compatibility

– Baggage from past relationships

Both men and women agree on the top turn-offs within these deal breakers, which include drug or alcohol dependence, poor personal hygiene, and possessive or jealous behaviour.

Overall the findings show that habits and physical traits really don’t account for much when it comes to finding a long term partner. It’s nice to know that in a digital world, deep down we’re still seeking true love with emotional connection.

What do you think? Tell us what you look for in a partner?

About the eHarmony Relationship Study

eHarmony’s inaugural Relationship Study explores insights and trends around life’s important relationships, including those of a romantic nature, friendships, family ties, and workplace relationships. The research was commissioned by eHarmony and conducted by Lonergan Research, and the results are weighted to the Australian population. More than 1,010 Australians aged 18 years and over were surveyed in March 2014.

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