What Bond can teach us about compatibility


Bond, James Bond

These iconic words have been uttered by some of Hollywood’s hottest leading men. From Sean Connery to Roger Moore, from Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig, they all have that certain something. That classic male, stereotypically testosterone-fuelled brand of bravado that makes women swoon.

But is Bond the ultimate man? Daniel Craig recently launched a character assassination on Bond, stating “Let’s not forget that he’s actually a misogynist,” in an interview with The Red Bulletin Magazine. He may not be perfect, but he somehow manages to be perfectly matched with beautiful, desirable, intriguing women during every one of his adventures. Or is he?

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Eharmony takes on Bond

Our research team decided to get the the bottom of Bond’s apparent success with women.  Given eharmony’s focus on compatibility, our experts examined his psychological alignment with each Bond Girl. The study involved psychological profiles for fifteen of the most iconic Bond girls since 1962, and a composite profile for 007.

Our relationship experts then scored each profile on the 32 Dimensions of Compatibility needed for a successful long-term relationship, including emotional temperament, social style, values and beliefs, and sense of humour.

Natalya Simonova (actress, Izabella Scorupco) from Goldeneye came out on top due to her calmness in dealing with tricky situations and her willingness to let Bond take the lead – necessary qualities when coping with the secret agent’s hectic lifestyle.

What’s interesting here is that Bond’s strongest match was not based on physical attraction, external beauty or martini preference. He probably had stronger sexual chemistry with other women, but Natalya was his most compatible match. This is about an alignment of the big ticket items, the things that really matter in relationships.

So, what can we learn about compatibility from 007?

If you are an eharmony member, you have already completed your Relationship Questionnaire as part of your registering process. Don’t forget to make the most of your profile by highlighting your favourite personality traits, beliefs and values and choose photos that show you living your best life (with or without a martini in hand). Trust eharmony’s experts and happy dating!

Meet Compatible Matches

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