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Struggling to work out what he wants? We’ve tapped into the single guy’s mind to give you insights straight from the source.

Genuine men like real women
It’s no surprise that genuine men want girls who don’t play games. You don’t have to be stick thin and model pretty to catch his attention, and you definitely shouldn’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Fake behaviour is a big turnoff. So the next time you meet a single man, be yourself.

Independence is key
The beauty of being single for a man is his ability to focus on his career, his friends and his ambitions, unhindered. So it’s important for you to do the same. A clingy woman will seriously cramp his style. If you are a strong, independent single woman, you will be much more likely to attract him.

Single women can make the first move
No matter how confident a man is, it can be hard for him to establish whether a girl is interested. Women are tricky to read. So it can be a huge relief for him if she makes the first move,  and confidence in a woman is always appealing. But be careful – if you make the first move don’t make the second, third and fourth. Men want and need to be part of the chase and you don’t want to look desperate!

Sex can mean different things to men and women
It’s vital to know that for some single men, sex and intimacy can mean two very different things. Women typically equate sex with intimacy. It’s hormonal, even biological. Even if you believe you can sleep with someone with no strings attached, when it comes to it, you are likely to at least be thinking about a relationship with him. But it’s different for single men. Sex can be more recreational. So if you’re thinking of taking your relationship further, it’s a good idea to establish his intentions first to avoid disappointment. Then you can decide for yourself if it’s the right time.

Marriage is not on the single man’s mind
Be realistic. Contrary to what some women believe, most single men are not on the prowl for a wife. He’s unlikely to be evaluating your marital potential on the first few dates. So try to relax and adopt his healthy attitude towards dating. Enjoy those early moments without putting the pressure on by thinking too far ahead.

Men aren’t all commitment-phobes
He may not have been planning his wedding since he was a child, but that doesn’t mean a man won’t want to commit to you eventually. Actually, when the right woman comes along, most men are happy to commit. So if you allow a relationship to take its natural flow and don’t force things too quickly, you’ll keep him happy.

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