What qualities make a great boyfriend?


When it comes to selecting a date, women will have their own unique preferences about age, height, location etc. but when it comes to the qualities they are looking for in a potential boyfriend, there are some things most agree on and they have nothing to do with how rich you are or what you do for a living.

A gentleman

No matter how liberated women may become, most still want a man to behave in a gentlemanly manner towards her. This has less to do with paying for dinner and lifting heavy things, and more to do with the respect that he shows towards her.

Making an effort with his personal grooming, clearing his car of any debris before she rides in it or being generally considerate of her needs rather than consumed with his own, are all signs a woman will look for to see if a match is a potential boyfriend.

Well presented

Most, if not all, women would agree that in order for a man to even get considered as a boyfriend, he must have good personal hygiene. It should go without saying but when you have been living the bachelor lifestyle for too long, it’s easy to let these things slip. While some pheromones can be a turn-on, BO is not.


Women want a boyfriend who’s going to give them some attention rather than always be on his computer, phone, watching sports or tinkering about in the garage. Whatever it is that consumes your energy and passion, you need to direct some of it to your woman if you want to be considered as her boyfriend.

Show your date you care by frequently giving her your undivided attention, rather than just lapping up the attention she lavishes on you.

Emotional maturity

When looking for a boyfriend, women want someone who shows they’re able to cope with the emotional rigours of a relationship. This means sensitivity, thoughtfulness and an ability to communicate effectively. It also means that you’ve learnt to deal with life’s problems in healthy ways rather than by losing your temper or drinking the bar dry. It also means you are available to her emotionally because you aren’t hung up on an ex or dealing with other personal issues.

Emotional maturity isn’t all about the serious side of romance. It also involves being able to lighten the mood, take a joke, enjoy a little banter and know when you’ve taken a joke too far. In short, it means being attuned with other people’s needs and feelings rather than being totally oblivious to anyone apart from yourself.


For a man to be a boyfriend, he needs to be someone a woman can have a good time with but also who she can rely on to be there for her when the going gets tough. This means turning up for dates, doing what you said you would do and also being on her side when she needs support with things outside of the relationship.

A real lover

No woman wants to be seen just as a sex object. For a relationship to develop she needs to feel that she’s desirable to you both in and out of the bedroom. Sex isn’t enough to make you a good lover – it’s the icing on the cake of a relationship that’s built on gestures of affection, emotional honesty and openness, lots of laughs and an unwavering desire to know when you can see her again. These are the qualities that make you great boyfriend material.

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