What qualities make a great girlfriend?


Being a great girlfriend is not just about how you look. Believe it or not, men are looking for deeper qualities beyond superficial things. These have little to do with your age, body shape or appearance, and more to do with how you treat a man and how he feels when he’s with you.


Self confidence is hugely important to men when considering a potential  girlfriend. They recognise the fact that if a woman feels good about herself, she’ll be more fun to be around and also more able to take compliments when he gives them.

A confident woman will also be more likely to assert her independence and have a life outside of the relationship. This is important for men because they want the freedom to be able to pursue their own interests without their girlfriend feeling jealous or threatened.

A woman who means what she says and says what she means

Men hate mind games. They feel like they’re being manipulated when women use hints, sarcasm, sulking or innuendos to get what they want. They can’t read minds but know that if they don’t ‘guess’ what she wants, they could be criticised, or even dumped, for being insensitive.

They want a girlfriend who’s upfront and clear about what she wants and needs from him and who’s able to take’ no’ for an answer if its something he genuinely doesn’t want to do, or a need he can’t fulfil.


Men will usually go the extra mile for their woman if she’s appreciative of the small things that he does for her. He wants a girlfriend who will respect and approve of him, not criticise, nag or judge him. A man wants to feel like he makes a valuable contribution to her life and the more she tells him he does, the more he’ll want to do for her.

When you criticise him, you’re withdrawing approval and it can seriously undermine his desire to contribute to the relationship if he feels he can never please you.


You may be surprised to know that although men respond to the obvious visual signs of desirability in a woman, they’re actually more responsive to the sensuality and openness a woman demonstrates when she’s with him.

A desirable woman is open, expressive and demonstrative with her feelings. She makes him feel like he’s 10 foot tall because she lights up when he walks in the room.

There’s a basic instinct in a man which makes him want to be the alpha male in a woman’s life. He wants to feel strong, capable and able to protect and provide for her. These may seem like old fashioned ideas but they’re still the primal instincts that govern relationships no matter how liberated the sexes become.

An equal partner

When men form friendships with other men, it is usually through doing things together like playing sport or working alongside each other. While their relationships with women are different, men are looking for a potential partner when they’re looking for a girlfriend – this means someone who will do things with them but also support and encourage them to pursue their own ambitions.

Behind every great man there is a great woman. When a man finds a woman with the above qualities, he knows he’s struck gold.

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