Why the festive season is the best time for dating


“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way

If you’re single you should mingle 

Find new love today”

The Festive Season is the BEST time for dating. ‘What?’ I hear you say. ‘What about the lonely summer nights as a single person, sitting on my couch when all the couples are out having cosy Christmas drinks?’

Well, if your mindset is all about what you don’t have at Christmastime, then you probably will feel pretty low during the festive season. But if you can reframe this to look at the summer holidays in a renewed, more optimistic (and opportunistic) way, the social and dating possibilities will open up like a bon-bon on a Christmas table.

Why is the Aussie summer such a good time to date?

We know that the festive season is a time of high emotion (both positive and negative). Depending on your beliefs, family history and personal experience of Christmas’ past, you may be entering into this time of year with smile or a frown.

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Here are a few facts that should brighten up your Christmas dating mindset:

FACT # 1

eHarmony registrations are at an all-time high during the December-January season every year. This means there is an influx of new potential dates for you to connect with, communicate with and maybe even share a New Year glass of bubbles with.

FACT # 2

Increased social activity means more opportunities to say YES to events and parties. With your positive dating mindset firmly in place, you will put yourself in the path of loads of potential new friends and dates.

FACT # 3

Research tells us that people who believe in the family and religious aspects of Christmas have a greater sense of festive wellbeing than those who focus on the gift giving and commercial side (Kasser and Sheldon, 2002). So invest in the people who are closest to you and boost your wellbeing (and we all know, the higher your own wellbeing the more attractive you are to potential dates).

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FACT # 4

The Aussie summer is the perfect time for outdoor fun. Get those endorphins flowing with energetic activities and treat your brain to a bath in Happy Hormones. Forget the traditional, boring date ideas. Think outside the dating box and meet someone for a beach walk, a night hike, an outdoor movie, a swim. You’ll be surprised at how much more positive you feel when mixing the outdoors, physical activity and dating. Try it!

So, if that niggly inner-voice pops up during the festive season and tries to dampen your dating spirit, remember these four facts and remind yourself that this is, in fact, the best time of the year to be dating.

Happy Dating!

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