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Just because it’s winter it doesn’t mean you have to go into dating hibernation.

Sure, it is cold enough for penguins to go into a huddle and you haven’t seen the sun since May, but hiding your hot-blooded self until October is defeatist. You’re passing up good opportunities to meet potential partners if you’re just a fair-weather suitor. Dating is like fishing – by adapting to the weather conditions and putting in a little effort, your catch rate will climb dramatically. Don’t let freezing rain, snow, weak light, gloomy days, miserable nights, frost, sharp wind and plunging temperatures deter you.

Just remember this golden rule: There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.

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If you keep that in mind you can come up with a range of dating activities that can make winter a very romantic time indeed. What the cold does is allow you to dress up in fabulous coats and jumpers, cool accessories like hats, scarves and gloves, and serious boots. It’s why Europeans always appear stylish, because they are covered head to foot to ward off the chill for the 350 days a year that their winters last for.

So, if you are at all self-conscious about your appearance – perhaps you’ve put on a few kilos since summer faded, or your skin has gone so pale you look like chalk – winter apparel can give you the confidence to step out looking your best. But even with that advantage, motivation can still be harder to find than a decent coffee in a highway truck stop.

Here are some suggestions to get you out of your pyjamas and out on a date that will warm your heart:

Channel your inner Wuthering Heights

Cathy went all doe-eyed for Heathcliffe because whenever she saw him he was out on the moors with windswept hair and good hiking boots. There was something about the landscape, the wind and all the running into each other’s arms they did that got them both hot and bothered. Why not take a leaf out of their book and go on a walking date? Pick a park or a beach, dress according to the weather conditions, don’t be deterred if it’s a bit inclement, and go for a stroll. It’s amazing how invigorating a brisk walk on a cold day in a beautiful location can be.

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Gaps in conversation aren’t a worry because you can both be just taking in the sights instead of sitting in an awkward silence if you were inside somewhere. Don’t walk aimlessly – have a defined end point so it is clear how long it will last. Pick somewhere your date has never been before so that he or she will be delighted by the discovery.

… and if it’s going well

If you can, do a walk that gives you the option to extend the date if it’s turning out to be a corker.

End the journey near a pub, wine bar or restaurant so you can suggest to your companion a drink or a meal. The shared experience of the walk means the ice is already broken and you’ve got something to talk about already.

Fire up

There’s nothing more romantic than an open fire. And, funnily enough, winter is the best time to sit in front of one. There is something primal about staring into the flames. It’s calming, mesmerising, hypnotic … A visual relaxant. A fire, unless it’s burning down your house, puts people at ease. With a fire flickering in front of you there is no need to speak. Like the walk, it fills in any awkward gaps. Firelight also softens people’s faces, so that’s a win right there.

So find a venue – probably a pub – in your area that has an open fireplace, and take your date there for a glass of champagne and a fireside chat. If your charm doesn’t melt their hearts, the glowing coals will.

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Flower power

Winter can be gloomy, no doubt about it. Too much grey. As such, this is the time of year you should be giving flowers to a potential dreamboat. Flowers grown in hothouses are about the only thing that have colour in them at this time of year. They look superb, look like spring, look like joy.

So when you turn up to for a date in winter, especially a first one, take flowers. Even if it doesn’t work out, it’s still a lovely thing to do and it will have made that person’s day. And yours.

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