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The #eHDateDoctor asked and you answered! Here are your biggest dating turn-offs and worst date stories, as shared on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

What’s your biggest turn-off when it comes to first dates?

“Meeting someone with really bad breath – yuck!” – Marilyn

“If their profile photos are dishonest, e.g. they are actually much older or have put on a lot of weight.” – Bill

“Trying to immediately take things to the bedroom” – Joanne

“When one of her girlfriends keeps ringing her while we’re out together” – Ian

“One guy told me he was circumcised on the first date; didn’t need to know that!” – Michelle

“Awkward silences and bad attempt at small talk . . . mood killer right there” – Nick

“When the answer to every question is yes, no or maybe!” – Edu

“No effort in presentation, i.e. poor hygiene, bad manners, lacking punctuality, constantly talking about their ex, and asking me why I’m single” – Dawn

“Liars” – Suzanne

“When you find they have lied on their profiles. If they do that at the beginning then how many more lies are there? This goes for both sexes” – Jannette

“When she receives calls from other guys on our first date!” – Edu

“Being too touchy feely – back off octopus!” – Marie

“Being more interested in themselves than me” – Roberto

“A man who thinks by the end of the date we are boyfriend and girlfriend and should therefore take our profiles down and plan our future together” – Kate

What’s your worst date story?

“I met a guy, and as we were walking to the pub, he stopped, said he couldn’t do this, and walked away. I stood there for a few minutes, convinced my friends were going to jump out and surprise me! But no . . . it was really a ‘non-date’” – Danielle

“My date: Your profile said you like rock/metal music. Check out my Metallica tats, I could only ever fall in love with somebody that loves Metallica.” – Michelle

“I took a lady out on a date to an expensive restaurant. It wasn’t until afterwards when the bill was brought out that I realised I had forgotten my wallet. I had to wash dishes, toilets and floors to pay the bill. That was the most embarrassing day of my entire life!” – Edu

“Went out for dinner with a nice guy. He told me we were distant cousins…..” – Jodie

“Guy rocks up to date, proclaims he has a huge ego, asks me endless questions about my past relationships, when I was talking about serious matters he starts laughing and interrupting, and continues to ask inappropriate questions about my past sexual encounters. Yep, one truly disastrous date.” – Krystle

“Oh mine is a doozy. I met a bloke at the pub of a town about an hour away. My sister dropped me off as I didn’t know the area. He started out being bubbly then he told me his nick name was stabsy. I asked why, and he replied ‘because I stabbed someone.’ Oh you can imagine how fast I ate and made my sister come get me. Eeeek!” – Zulema

“She had photo-shopped her profile photo to look a lot skinnier, so much that I didn’t recognise her when I arrived at the cafe we were meeting at. The whole thing was very uncomfortable and I resented her dishonesty.” – Bill

“My male date turned up with foundation on and it was really obvious. There was nil chemistry and I was counting the minutes until I could politely leave.” – Lisa

“He brought along his iPad on our very first date, to show me about a hundred photos he took on the beach that morning playing with his dog. You can guess that was his first and last date.” – Suzanne

“I was set up on a blind date, and first thing he wanted to know was if I was interested in attending swinger’s parties with him. Ummm NO!! – Jodie

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