Are the people in eHarmony’s TV commercials real?


Yes – ALL of our TV talent are real people who want to share their eHarmony success, not actors as the preconception out there might have you believe!

Our new round of TV commercials has just been filmed and edited, and the eH team are very excited to share our new TV stars with Australia! Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making our TVCs.

Firstly we send out a casting call to our members, as well as past members who are now happily coupled up as a result of finding their partner on eHarmony. We always receive an overwhelming response from enthusiastic people, all with interesting stories that they want to share. We love the application stage. We get to hear about single applicants’ eHarmony journeys, and our couples’ first date stories, marriage proposals, weddings and babies.  As we can only invite a select few, it’s always a difficult decision-making process.

After we’ve compiled a casting potentials list, we invite people to take part in the casting process so we can narrow it down even further.  We schedule all of our castings over one weekend that is jammed packed with face to face or Skype chats. There are often some surprises during the casting stage. People don’t do themselves justice in their application, and we get some unexpected stand-outs!

After the castings are finished, we make our final selection of talent to go through to shoot day. We choose couples and singles with different backgrounds, looks and personalities so we can represent the whole of Australia.  It is then a crazy organising period from then until shoot day. We have to sort out things like wardrobe options for our stars, flights and accommodation, studio bookings, camera crew and shooting day schedule. The hair and make-up artist, wardrobe assistant and photographer also need to booked and briefed.

The TVC shooting runs over one weekend and comprises of very long but enjoyable days. We have the whole eHarmony team and production crew on board – including the director and producer, sound technician, numerous camera operators, a photographer, hair and make-up artist, wardrobe assistant, and a runner to help out with any tasks that arise.

Our talent arrive early and are ushered in to get their wardrobe, hair and make-up done. This is a continuous cycle across the whole day, which certainly keeps everyone on their toes! Our TV stars are all fun, engaging and inspiring people. Our singles had fascinating stories and were very optimistic about finding their special someone through eHarmony. They had positive (and some hilarious) date stories to share. One example is Linda from Melbourne below. In her own words on set: “I’d like to find someone to spend the rest of my life with. I’m  optimistic about that as there’s a lot of people on eHarmony. The future looks really great, I love life!” Our director even shared a little dance with her…

Linda 2 (2)

Linda and Daniel dancing (2) BLOG

Our couples impressed just as much as the singles. They were all extraordinary people with unique stories of how their relationship blossomed. They all spoke very highly of their partner, so much that we often found ourselves reaching for the tissues! Below are Dirk and Anne from Tasmania.  This is one of the many touching quotes from Dirk on the day: “There was something about that photo and profile that kicked my heart back into gear again. I knew there was something magical about Anne.”

Dirk and Anne (2) BLOGWhen asked why they decided to come to the eHarmony shoot, here’s how they responded:

_MG_4071 (2)Mel and Aaron (2)

Anne: “I wanted to come here because I wanted people to realise you can be in your 40’s and 50’s and find love.”

Dirk:  “To say thank you – if it wasn’t for eHarmony, I wouldn’t be with Anne. eHarmony is our life-saver, it gave me what I was looking for. I also wanted people to know that you don’t have to be young to find love again. I found it. I didn’t think I would ever find love again.”

Mel: “We wanted to share our success. There are real people on it and it’s a great way to meet people. I think we’re really well matched. It came down to our family values, how we’ve been raised. I don’t know how eHarmony worked it out but they did.”

Aaron: “We’re proof that it works. I met someone who I want to spend the rest of my life with”

It is these responses that make us love what we do!

All of our TV stars from past and present have been fantastic and we can’t thank them enough for all the time and effort they put into taking part.

So there you have it – the eHarmony TV commercial process from start to finish. I hope you enjoy the new TV commercials as much as we enjoyed making them!


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